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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Jamaica to Savor Romantic Moments

Since more than 50 years ago, Jamaica has become well known holiday destination. Jamaica is the three largest islands in Caribbean Sea. There are many best honeymoon destinations in Jamaica that bring out romantic vibes.

Not only the lovely natural features but also the great accommodation that will pamper you with its high standard facilities. Most couples from around the world tend to book private villa to have honeymoon satisfyingly.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Jamaica For Newlyweds

When you set foot in Jamaica for the first time, you will feel the romantic vibes from the hotel designs and some popular tourist spots there. Of course, there are many attractions for newlyweds to enjoy their quality tome together.

1. Negril

Negril is the most famous tourist spot in Jamaica. The Seven Mile Beach is perfect for romantic getaway. You can chill on the lounges while you behold the dazzling sunset that contrasts to soft white sand and adorable blue water of Seven Mile Beach.

In addition, Negril also allow you to feel different sensation by relishing a candlelit dinner in the caves laid at the volcanic cliffs. Apart from the unique cave restaurants, the dish of local ingredients and cooking techniques bring out unforgettable experience.

2. Montego Bay

If you like to have underwater adventure, then you should come to marine park Montego Bay in Jamaica. You can dive together with your spouse to observe the gorgeous coral reefs and various tropical sea creatures.

Another thing to do in Montego Bay is rafting along Martha Brae River. During the trip on the river, you can set eyes on exquisite rainforest landscape and take a swim. This trip will take roughly one hour. You don’t need to worry about the bamboo rafts, because they are quite safe to transport three people.

3. Port Antonio

Port Antonio belongs to the best honeymoon destinations in Jamaica. The blue lagoon becomes the reason why most of newlyweds tend to visit Port Antonio. This tranquil place enables you to swim peacefully in the crystal-clear turquoise water and roam through the lush grounds.

4. St. Elizabeth

To get farmland of St. Elizabeth, you need to climb the Santa Cruz Mountains to find the well-known tourist spot, Lover’s Leap. This is perfect spot to view sunset while you enjoy the live music, dance and taste the local cuisines.

5. Kingston

Hiking the Blue Mountain Peak is the great attraction for newlyweds who seek adventure. The peak is the highest point on Jamaica. If you don’t like crowded beaches, you should head to Blue Mountain Peak instead. This national park has biodiversity that attract visitors to come.

Charming Resorts in Jamaica for Honeymoon

In order to explore all the well-known spots in Jamaica, you need to book resorts in advance. Fortunately, you have many options of private villas or resorts bringing out romantic vibes as follow.

1. Resorts in Negril

One of interesting things in Negril is the all-inclusive resorts for adult only. Even though there are many hotels or villas for family, but the adult only resort is the right place for honeymoon. The treehouse style resorts with Asian style furniture and high standard facilities will make you feel comfort.

Besides the private resorts, you can easily find hotels in Negril nearby Seven Mile Beach. These hotels are quite fascinating by providing beachside umbrellas and loungers to let chill in the beach or enjoy spa. They also pamper you with extraordinary food or drink services.

2. Resorts at Ocho Rios

The newlyweds should enjoy their romantic moments in private resorts located in Ocho Rios. The resorts in this town offers open air spa in front of ocean view and some water sports. You can have romantic dinner with live music in the luxurious restaurant as well.

3. Villas in Montego Bay

Staying in private villas in Montego Bay will make you relaxed and recharge your energy fast after exploring attractions. Some villas have private pools to let you swim all day while you enjoy the beauty of beach view.

The reason why you can restore energy rapidly even after doing water sports or adventure in Montego Bay is the couple massages by professionals. In addition, you will never get enough with the tasty culinary in this area.

To make sure your trip goes well, you have to determine everything in advance before you go to the best honeymoon destinations in Jamaica. There are many destinations and resorts in Jamaica that tempt you to visit.