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Best Honeymoon Destinations in December Around the World

Newlyweds tend to look for best destinations to spend honeymoon. You can go to honeymoon destination whenever they want. It is possible to have wedding trip in December that marks the end of the year. Then you should find best honeymoon destinations in December.

Since it is holiday to make unforgettable memories for the couple who celebrate their marriage, so they need to find destinations offering romantic and exotic atmosphere. Some places having winter season may offer snow attractions for the newlyweds who spend honeymoon in December.

Where Are The best honeymoon destinations in December?

A large number of destinations that will pamper newlyweds who want to enjoy romantic ambiances are available in some countries around the world. You may refer to the following destinations to have honeymoon in December.

1. Lapland, Findland

Lapland is part of Northern Findland mesmerize everyone with amazing panorama. Once you visit this region, you will feel as if you are in the Frozen world since the snow is all over the place. You can stay at the eccentric igloo hotels during your honeymoon.

Things to Do in Lapland

Visiting Lapland in December is the right idea because it is a good chance to see the Northern Lights. Basically, the best months to see Northern Lights are between September and April. But the Northern Lights will last longer in December and February. Seeing the natural spectacle in honeymoon is perfect.

Aside from Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights tour, there are still activities that you can do during wedding trip in Lapland such as Reindeer sleigh ride, ice swimming, skiing, trekking, visiting Santa Claus Village, scanning Levi Ice Gallery, and enjoying Lappish cuisines at local restaurants.

2. Hawaii

Everybody knows that Hawaii becomes top destination for a newlywed to spend honeymoon. Despite winter season, the weather in Hawaii is still perfect for honeymoon. Hawaii is one of tropical countries so it only has two seasons which are hot and cool season.

Among all best honeymoon destinations in December, Hawaii is the good one to visit, especially if you like surfing. December and January are the best months for surfers to challenge themselves in biggest waves on north shore.

Things to Do in Hawaii

You will never get bored visiting Hawaii since it has a lot of fun things to do such as snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, swimming in Sharks Cove beach, visiting Pearl Harbour, star gazing in Mount Mauna Kea, exploring Volcanoes National Park, relishing Hawaiian Local foods.

3. New Zealand

Another recommended destination for honeymoon is New Zealand. Actually, you can have honeymoon in New Zealand anytime, not only December. This country has various weather depending on its topography. But over all places in this country have mild temperatures, even during winter.

New Zealand consists of several natural wonders that attract visitors around the world. The natural features including sparkling coves, snow capped peaks, coastal glaciers, fjord, rain forests, and fish filled rivers await you to explore.

Things to Do in New Zealand

Considering many natural wonders in New Zealand, you can make to do list from now on. During your honeymoon trip in New Zealand, make sure you spend romantic nights in mountain huts, swim with dolphin in Kaikoura, learn Maori culture in Rotorua, and visit Milford Sound in Fiordland Park.

4. The Caribbean

The enormous archipelago around Caribbean Sea presents gorgeous beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water. Caribbean belongs to best honeymoon destinations in December that newlyweds choose to spend romantic moments in warm and glistening beaches.

Of course, there are many all-inclusive hotels and resorts around the Caribbean islands that make you feel as if you own the private beach. Popular Caribbean islands include Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Guadeloupe.

Things to Do in Caribbean Islands

You should make a memorable honeymoon by staying at world class resorts in Aruba, enjoy romantic dinner in cruise, doing water sports, strolling around old city Havana, visiting museums, exploring national parks, snorkeling in Stingray City, and climbing mountain Gros Piton.

If you intend to have exclusive honeymoon, you should visit St Bart’s where you can find glamorous boutiques, classy restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. But if you look for privacy, then you should include St Croix Island in your bucket list.

Which best honeymoon destinations in December would you like to choose? You should pick one of the destinations above since they are favorite places for newlyweds around the world.