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Important Things to Prepare for Buenos Aires Honeymoon

HoneymoondestinationsBuenos Aires honeymoon is often chosen by newlywed couples to bud their marriage life due to its romantic vibe. Buenos Aires offers a unique atmosphere with a combination between sophistication and culture as it is located in a port city that extends along with the Rio de la Plata.

Buenos Aires Honeymoon

Here, you and partner can try a variety of freshly grilled meats, joining tango on the street, or sightsee numerous interesting neighborhoods in the city. For sport-lover couples, you can watch a loud football game while sipping the South American coffee in Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires Honeymoon Guide

Before visiting Buenos Aires for a honeymoon, it is important to equip yourself and partner with essential information about the city. Not to mention what you will do while traveling there so that you won’s waste time due to not planning the honeymoon travel beforehand. 

1. Need-to-Know Information

Buenos Aires Honeymoon need to know information

To enter Buenos Aires, you have to bring your passport and pay a reciprocity fee before landed which is about $160. The language spoken in this city is Spanish. Hence, learning a number of popular words and simple daily conversations in Spanish can be helpful. 

The city uses Argentine peso so you need to exchange the budget that you will spend there. The flight to Buenos Aires commonly takes 11 hours from New York City and 15 hours from Los Angeles. You can get around in the city with common transportations such as taxi, railway, and subway. 

2. The Best Time to Go to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Honeymoon best time

It is important to know the best weather when you want to have a honeymoon in Buenos Aires. It will prevent your romantic journey to be screwed up by bad weather. The austral fall which occurs between April and June is known to be the best time to visit the city. 

It is since the temperature during the austral fall is commonly around 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Another great time to honeymoon travel to Buenos Aires is in spring which commonly happens from September to November. The temperature range of spring is between 50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Here are several activities that you as couple can’t skip when having Buenos Aires honeymoon. 

1. Enjoying Tasty Dinner

dinner Buenos Aires Honeymoon

Buenos Aires treat food and dining as special things so no wonder if having dinner in Argentina’s capital city enables you to spend it in a few hours. Although it is rare to find dinner hours begin prior to 9 PM, all the foods serve are worth waiting. Hence, keep your appetite and wait patiently. 

As dinner time comes, you will be amazed at the main courses served. It frequently includes the special beef barbeque called Asado, meat turnovers known as empanadas, and sirloin steal locally referred to bife de chorizo. It is even more complete with the presence of fresh local red wine and a delectable dessert. 

2. Exploring the Town

Buenos Aires Honeymoon

Buenos Aires is livelier at night as busy restaurants, dance clubs, and theaters open. It is quite normal to see them available until dawn. Hence after finishing your delicious dinner, get some fun by enjoying a full night at the nearest club or joining tango dance with other visitors or locals. 

After joining the exciting night vibe with clubbing or dancing, head straight to the one of local coffee cafes available there. It is not difficult to comfortable coffee shops around as there are lots there. You and partner can enjoy shipping the strong Argentinean coffee after doing overnight hip. 

Take a breath and enjoy a more laidback chit-chat with partner and wait until the sun comes up together. Watching the sunrise in Buenos Aires will give you a romantic feel as there are several great spots in the city to watch a beautiful sunrise. 

3. Watching Football

Buenos Aires Honeymoon

It is undeniable if Argentina is pretty well-known with its football club. If you are a couple that like sports watching football or people here state as soccer is another fun thing to do. You even can try playing soccer with your partner too for fun. 

Argentina has such a great soccer team. Hence, it will be a waste if you come here but skip their performance on the field. 

Preparing Buenos Aires honeymoon is important. It gives ideas about the best time, what to bring, and what to do on your honeymoon in that city.