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5 Places Should be on Your Italy Greece Honeymoon Itinerary

Italy and Greece become two top destinations for those who start budding their marriage life. Italy Greece honeymoon itinerary helps you to plan which the best places in those countries to spend time with your beloved partner. It is easier in managing the honeymoon travel and enjoys a memorable experience.

There are many breathtaking places to visit in those countries as romantic getaways. Through the itinerary, you can arrange a list of places to visit during your honeymoon travel and various interesting activities to do while experiencing warm Mediterranean cultures.

5 Places for Italy Greece Honeymoon Itinerary

If you plan to have a honeymoon by exploring beautiful countries in Europe like Italy and Greece, you need to plan places to visit. Here are some great places to stopover in Italy and Greece and how you can spend time there.

1. Athens

Many travelers land from in the main airport in Athens so you can start to explore this city for your honeymoon before moving to other places. This city has history-rich spots which are perfect for you to stroll around. You can have overnight in an apartment or homestay in the city.

Local restaurants in Athens offer many delicious menus for breakfast and lunch. After filling your tummy, you can visit the famous Parthenon. This building was established in 447 BC and becomes a major attraction in the city.

Spend a few hours in Acropolis museum to complete your historical stroll in the city. Then, come to Plaka, a village-like neighborhood snuggled in the heart of Athens. Numerous interesting restaurants and shops lined on its iconic cobblestone path.

2. Santorini

As you move from Athens to Santorini, you can choose to stay in Oia, a village situated on the northwest side of this island. Oia offers a dreamy view and many charms since it is quite tranquil and not excessively loaded with tourists. A cave house, like Casa Sofia seems to be an interesting place to stay in Santorini.

Have a delicious breakfast in Floga, you will be spoiled with a beautiful view and kind waiters. Stroll around the Oia village to buy souvenirs from the cute shops or hunting pictures with iconic village has a backdrop. Enjoy another walk to Fira since this little village has rocky cliffs that are good for hiking.

Refresh your body by swimming or snorkeling in Catamaran and fill your tummy with tasty and fresh seafood. Plus, you always can enjoy a dreamy sunset to end the day when staying in Santorini.

3. Positano

Positano has captured the heart of many travelers. This place is full of serenity and vibrancy. That’s why it should be on your Italy Greece honeymoon itinerary. Although you just sitting a few hours on the pebbly beach while enjoying fresh fruit can be so relaxing.

Path of the Gods is a must when you are in Positano. It gives you with surreal natural view. As for the culinary, Il Fornillo with its tasty gluten-free pizza and Da Ferdinando packed with casual snacks is worth trying.

Before you move to another city, complete your Positano travel by visiting Capri. You can have a private ride on a boat to the grottos and taste a good meal.

4. Rome

Another great city to explore is Rome and it won’t be complete until you visit Vatican and Saint Peter’s Cathedral. You will receive abundant great information while coming into those icons of the city. Then, head straight into Mamertime Prison, another historic spot in Rome.

When hitting this spot, you can walk down the cell and come across the place where Paul wrote the New Testament and water hole for baptizing. Craving for another history buff, go to San Pietro in Vincolli to see the renowned Michaelangelo masterpiece.

5. Rhodes

Experience the medieval vibes by onward to Rhodes. In this place, you can have a tour of the 3,500 year-old Palace of Knossos which is known to be the oldest city in Europe. Continue to hit Old Town of Rhodes, with its medieval city and castle. Here, you can discover the former site, Colossus of Rhodes.

Complete your experience by visiting Phoenician trading center back in the Classical era.

Italy Greece honeymoon itinerary can be packed with your favorite places to visit and fun activities you want to do. So, discuss with your partner to have a memorable honeymoon journey.