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6 Turkey Honeymoon Destinations: Best Places to Visit

Natural landscapes, historical sites, old villages, beautiful highlands, and pristine shorelines, are known to be famous honeymoon destinations in Turkey. This country isn’t just home to many interesting places that you and your partner can explore together to enjoy the more romantic and intimate moment.

Turkey is not just and an ideal place to start your married life journey but it offers the whole package including memorable activities and appetizing foods that will spoil your taste buds. Don’t forget about the friendly local that will welcome you warmly. This country is a perfect backdrop for honeymoon travel.

6 Must-Visit Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

If you want to have an unforgettable and fun honeymoon experience, Turkey is one of the best destinations that you can choose. Exploring around in this country with your loved one can be a good thing to begin your married life. Here are some places that are worth visiting for honeymoon travel.

1. Istanbul

Craving for a stylish couple getaway? Why don’t try to explore the Imperial City, Istanbul. There are multiple reasons why people choose this capital city of Turkey to stroll around with their partners. Istanbul is home to lots of world-class tourism spots that visitors don’t want to skip as they arrive at this city.

Tours of the Ottoman mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Byzantine cisterns allow you to admire the glorious historic life of Istanbul in the past. You can walk around the gardens of Gülhane Park to enjoy the breeze or take some memorable photos.

Visiting Istanbul won’t be complete before enjoying the beauty of Bosphorus, especially over the sunset cruise.

2. Cappadocia

For a more offbeat honeymoon experience, go to Cappadocia and take a chance to have a honeymoon in a cave. Cappadocia is renowned for its vernacular rock-cut house architecture where visitors can stay there, as this location is under volcanic cliffs.

Currently, those cave houses transform into more beautiful and sleek café hotels with hollow which designed for more modern living. There are numerous cave hotels in the villages including Ortahisar, town of Ürgup, Üçhisar, and so on. They present chic designs of cave interiors.

Among honeymoon destinations in Turkey, Cappadocia attracts lots of people with its hot air balloon. You ride a hot air balloon and enjoying the wonderful view of Turkey from above.

3. Bodrum Peninsula

Visiting Turkey in summer? Bodrum Peninsula is packed with honeymoon travelers who want to spend their time admiring the beach. Go to Gümüşlük with its sandy and sun-drenched bay for sunbathing or just enjoying the beautiful bay.

Located on peninsula’s northern coast, Gümüşlük offers fancy hideaway hotels and rustic-chic restaurants to taste many delicious Turkey culinary. Another spot for honeymoon breaks that you can head straight into while visiting this peninsula is Bodrum Town.

Bodrum is an old town district surrounded by coastline that appears in iconic whitewashed color. There are numerous chic beach resorts, boutique hotels, and interesting spots to stroll around.

4. Alaçati

Another fascinating old village that you need to visit with your partner in Turkey is Alaçati. This old fishing village preserved the whole construction which most of them are old fishermen’s cottages used in the past. Some bigger mansions now have transformed into fancy boutique hotels and cafes.

Some other become restaurants which serve the local cuisines of Aegean. The majority of hotels in Alaçati serve airy interiors and are decorated with antiques so that they provide elegant ambiance with little touches of historic look.

Alaçati is also well-known for being the best windsurfing destination, a perfect option for challenging activity with a partner. Otherwise, you can recline on the beach for a cozier experience.

5. Antalya

Still craving for old town districts as honeymoon destinations in Turkey? This radiating coastline has plenty of all-inclusive resorts, attractive boutique hotels, as well as chic guesthouses which applied Ottoman-era design to provide a comfortable honeymoon stay.

Some hotels in Antalya even offer an old-world atmosphere and elegance along with a group of restored Ottoman cottages surrounding the swimming pool. Not to mention its long-winded garden packed with fruit trees which is worth exploring.

Even strolling the cobblestones lanes in this old district won’t be more interesting as they show the Roman historical wall relics and Ottoman architecture.

6. Bozcaada Island

Need more tranquil escape for honeymoon in Turkey? Then, head to Bozcaada Island. It becomes one of the top honeymoon options in Turkey with its idyllic beaches and laid-back vacation ambiance. Even boutique hotels are specially designed for romantic breaks.

More active couples can try beach activities like windsurfing and kitesurf but most people come to this place to enjoy the serenity of the island. Simply strolling around on the old town vine-draped fields and complete the days by having dinner with fresh seafood will be remarkable.

Make your romantic travel unforgettable by visiting iconic honeymoon destinations in Turkey. Enjoy the amazing atmosphere and indulge in many interesting activities with your partner to have more intimacy.