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6 Best Honeymoon Destinations in November to Explore

Although the northern hemisphere starts welcoming winter and turns icy soon, there are still other best honeymoon destinations in November across the world. In more warm and sunny regions, plenty of great locations are worth visiting for your honeymoon breaks.

Those who plan to have a honeymoon in November commonly like to choose seaside destinations to explore with their partners. Southeast Asia which is known for its dry season has long sunny days which are perfect for sunbathing. No to mention other interesting outdoor activities to enjoy for two.

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations in November

From admiring natural views on island destinations to exploring exotic countries, there are numerous options to go for your November honeymoon travel. Here are several wonderful places that can be your romantic gateway as a couple.

1. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island offers a super romantic experience for you who want to have a honeymoon in November. Located in Thailand, this island has a cooler temperature compared to the scorching summer heat. This condition makes the beaches in Phi Phi Island is perfect both for sunbathing and sightseeing.

November becomes the best time to visit this island because visitors can come across various Thai cultures. For instance, couples can watch the annual Lantern Festival when a ceremony to setting free countless illuminated lanterns to the night sky.

Phi Phi Island provides numerous private resorts alongside the beach for couples who want to enjoy the serenity of surrounding nature. Staying in these resorts allow you to hear the sound of oceans, chirping birds, and cozy breeze through the windows which is a perfect backdrop for budding married life.

2. Aruba

Craving to enjoy Caribbean atmosphere for November but still worried about hurricane season that comes to an end, Aruba is the best alternative option for that.

Aruba is a tropical island which is located on the outer layer of the hurricane belt, so you can enjoy romantic breaks without being screwed up by bad weather. You can experience an amazing time exploring the island and its beautiful beaches.

The majority of honeymooners visiting Aruba to admire the huge coral reefs under the clear turquoise water by snorkeling. Exploring island can be done by jeep ride or just having cozy stroll to the nearest fun places like an ostrich farm.

3. Bali

Looking for other best honeymoon destinations in November, Bali offers you beauty and luxury. Located in Indonesia, this island is known to be an exotic place to enjoy both sunrise and sunset, water activities, learning cultures, and spoiling couples with lavish facilities of hotels and bungalows.

The warmness of Balinese culture successfully attracts a lot of people to stay at this island for their honeymoon breaks. Here they can choose private and secluded resorts to develop their intimacy. Although a wet-season is just starting in Bali during November, the rainfall is infrequent and occurs shortly.

Visitors still can experience the warm weather and sweltering temperature from the end of the summer. Here you can sunbathing or strolling around many beautiful beaches, trying water activities, joining sightseeing tours, or taking a variety of courses like golf or cooking.

4. Kauai

Enough with beaches but still want to explore nature with your partner? Kauai which lies in Hawaii Island serves as a great honeymoon destination for you. This place has great mountains and breathtaking waterfalls which can be a perfect backdrop for your memorable couple photos.

It’s perfect to head into Kauai in November as it has fewer crowds and the winter travelers have not yet come. The winter here is also comfortable enough for dress casually so you can go outside with t-shirts and shorts.

This island offers honeymooners with the serenity of white-sand coasts, tropical weather, and stunning sunset view.

5. Cairo

There is no more romantic way to kick-start your married life by visiting Cairo. It belongs to one of the best honeymoon destinations in November due to ancient pyramids of Egypt which become world-class tourist attractions.

Visiting Cairo for honeymoon is the best option as the scorching temperature in this place starts to go lower. That’s why, you can experience more comfortable to explore the dessert. There are fewr crowds during this month as well.

Heading into museums and other tourist attractions are great to do. Otherwise, you can enjoy more relaxed moment by swimming in the Mediterranean Coast.

6. Cambodia

Another best place for honeymoon breaks in November is Cambodia. Pouring a little rain, you can comfortably strolling around the famous Angkor Wat Temple complex.

For more private travelling, you can visit the pristine natural beauty of Koh Kong. Here, you can discover striking mountain, tropical plants, and unique vegetation. Although lodging is not widely available, you can try choosing floating lodges to experience serene romantic moment with partner.

As many people avoid to have honeymoon in November, the best honeymoon destinations in November offer you with unforgettable experience as a couple. Either exploring nature or cities, they are worth trying.