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5 Best Activities to Do During Your Argentina Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is always the most exciting thing to do before a wedding or even after a wedding. First step to do before making the itinerary for your honeymoon trip is choosing the destination. This time, consider making an Argentina honeymoon itinerary.

Snow glazed glaciers and lush green vineyards are only a part of Argentina you don’t want to miss. The country is rich in exquisite beauty and culture. You should know some romantic things to do when visiting Argentina and add the most romantic places of Argentina to your honeymoon plan.

Romantic Activities During Your Unforgettable Argentina Honeymoon

Argentina is a huge country in South America where you can do amazing activities. Scenic hikes, glacier excursions, and fascinating natural wonders are waiting for you in Argentina. Ready to see the beauty of Argentina? Here are some best activities you must do during your sweetest honeymoon in Argentina.

1. Exploring the glaciers

Argentina is loaded with glaciers and many of them are the largest glaciers you can find on the continent. Which one is the best to visit during your honeymoon? Start with Glacier Upsala which is the biggest one in South America. The sheer size of this glacier reaches 870 square kilometers.

Perito Moreno is another glacier to visit. It is also a huge one and a unique glacier since it keeps growing when the other glaciers in the region retreat. It has ice cliffs that are 80 meters tall and can be appreciated via a boat tour.

The glaciers can be visited anytime a year. The high season is in summer, between December and March where the temperature is warmer. Consider visiting the glaciers in autumn or spring.

2. See the mighty Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is a must visit tourist destination, especially on your honeymoon. The falls is a natural border that separates Argentina from Brazil. It is the coolest attraction in South America. Keep in mind that Iguazu Falls isn’t an average waterfall. It has 275 different cascades.

The length of the falls reach 3 kilometers. The main attraction you’ll find there is the Devil’s Throat, its height reaches 80 meters. The only waterfall that is mightier than this one is the Africa’s Victoria Falls. The falls’ volume is at the peak during the rainy season, between December and January.

However, tourists are highly recommended to visit the falls during the drier seasons such as in March and April or in August and September so they can enjoy a more comfortable Argentina honeymoon.

3. Meet the beautiful penguins

Argentina’s southern part draws thousands of beautiful penguins to come every year. They come to build their comfortable nest and to feast on fish supply that will help them prepare for their migration. Where are the best places to meet those gorgeous penguins?

Punta Tombo is the most recommended place. It is where you can see the biggest Magellan Penguins colony. The trail is 3 km long and leads the honeymooners right past the burrows of penguins so they can see the penguins lounging on the beaches and rocks.

Another place is the Isla Martillo where you can meet the Gentoo and Magellan Penguins. Visit those places in the summer, late spring, and early fall, between September and April.

4. Hiking in Patagonia

El Chalten is a mountain village located in Patagonia, it has small town authenticity as well as world class hiking trails. If you and your couple are genuine hikers, Patagonia will be the best honeymoon destination. There are Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy.

Those mounts form a natural border between Argentina and Chile. The height of Mount Fitz Roy is more than 3,300 meters. The most famous scenic trail you should try is a trail called Laguna de Lo Tres. This trail leads through forest, stunning valleys, lagoons, and glacier lakes.

The best time to visit El Chalten for your Argentina honeymoon is during the summer season, between December and March. But if you don’t like crowds, visit in March, April, or November.

5. Taste the best Argentinian wine

A honeymoon won’t be romantic without a candlelight dinner and a sip of wine. To taste the best Argentinian wine, you can go to the north side of the country where the best wine producer can be found. The sought after aromas and distinct flavors of the wine will perfect your honeymoon.

There are two best places to taste the best Argentinian wine. First place is Mendoza which is the soul and heart of the wine country. The best wine you must try there is the Malbec. Salta is another province where you can get the best Argentinian wine.

Visit Mendoza between November and February when the temperature is warmer. And if you want to visit Salta during yourArgentina honeymoon, do it between April and June or between August and November. Enjoy your best honeymoon in Argentina!