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The best honeymoon destinations in December

The best honeymoon destinations in December

Snow-studded centerpieces, blue shades that serve as a color palette and your lucky charm, chilled champagne glasses: there are many reasons to consider a wedding in December. Even though it is a busy time every year because your friends and family handle the holidays and end-of-year requests, this month also presents a strange romantic wonder. Depending on the region of the country you are calling from, the drop in temperatures may prompt you to flee the cold air in search of a more tropical oasis, near and far - the best honeymoon destination in December.

From Hawaii to Costa Rica and beyond, enjoy the warmth together while visiting the top honeymoon destinations in December.


 Look at some of your latest emails and text messages - who are they from? Chances are everyone, from your mother-in-law to your baker, and many questions from your bridesmaids. This is why, after making your grand entrance after entry, there is nothing else you want to do except escape on a private island - just the two of you. Like, say, Nevis in the Caribbean! While many places in this region of the world have matured with tourists during the winter, Nevis is different because it is located a little further. It has less crowded beaches, including Pinney, which is decorated with palm trees. As an added bonus, you can have a small beach and a small town if you're traveling to the capital of Charlestown Island, with British Georgian and colonial buildings.

Maui, Hawaii

Even if you don't get mauied in Maui, you can still travel here for your big adventure - it's certainly one of the best honeymoon destinations in December. No passport is required to visit this central Pacific island which is part of the Hawaiian Islands. When you're not busy relieving the stress of planning a beach wedding, you can take a ride through the nearby Haleakala National Park and see volcanoes, climb waterfalls and take a scenic ride to across the famous winding road of Hana. And well, by choosing 30 beaches, one thing is certain: you have to pack sunscreen and you will certainly not be bored!

Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

If you have visited the rainforest, you may not be inspired to visit Costa Rica again, but consider this: there are whole regions of this country that are directly created by volcanoes. Presentation of the Papagayo peninsula on the north Pacific coast in the northwest province of Guanacaste. Here, you will be completely immersed in a natural blend of nature and luxury, while exploring the coast and learning more about the wonders of the earth. (And of course, each other.)


To be honest, the weather is still perfect for photos in the Indian Ocean, but this is especially true in December in the Maldives. Made from over a thousand islands, you will likely double-tap a photo (or ten) showing beautiful beaches, blue lagoons, coral reefs, fish markets, and white corals. Since it's your honeymoon and everything, why not finally go on a trip? With the beauty, privacy, and a sunset you won't believe, a six-foot-tall snow pile at home will be a long distance memory.

Lake Placid, New York

For couples who choose to get married in December because they love winter, remember to stay in a cold place outside but applaud inside. Head north to Lake Placid, a small village in the iconic Adirondack Mountains for the northeastern United States honeymoon. Although it was once the center of the Winter Olympics and a training center for athletes, it also houses rural chalets, walking trails and, of course, the lake. If a bottle of wine by the fireside after a day of outdoor exploration is what keeps you away from your partner, this is one of the best honeymoon destinations in December.