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Make Your Memorable Honeymoon to Italy Happened!

After having a sacred wedding ceremony and a festive reception, it is the time for you and your partner to have some private and intimate times during the honeymoon. Among thousands of wonderful destinations all over the world, Italy always comes on the top list among them. Its scenery, cuisine, architecture, culture, and history make Italy the complete package for a perfect honeymoon destination.

honeymoon to italy

To start your memorable honeymoon to Italy, you need to decide some details about your honeymoon such as the date, budget, duration, and accommodation. Whether you use agents’ help or you prepare everything by yourself, Italy is still the right place to go. There are plenty of hotels to book with varied styles, prices, and facilities. The public transports are also always ready to take you around including intra-Italy planes, buses, trains, taxis, rented cars & motorcycles, bicycles, and even boats.

After fixing the important details, here comes the fun part: choosing the exact destinations you wish to visit. You may have your personal preferences, but this writing could be your reference to pick some places based on their uniqueness. Guided by several fun activities you might want to do, the right destinations in Italy then will be provided. To experience all activities below, please be aware also about the timing and season of your honeymoon. There are several activities that you cannot do in a certain season.

 If you desire to experience splashes of water while you walk or sit together with your loved one, there are several places you can visit. Riding a gondola in Venice, taking a boat around Capri Island and Amalfi coast, swimming or sunbathing along cliff sides in Clinque Terre, fishing in warm water Sicily, canoeing in the Lake Como are the top favorite options you could take with your partner. 

Choosing watery destinations in Italy gives you one extra bonus that is the breathtaking scenery from your hotel room. Its seas, lakes, and rivers are no joke. In the night, you can enjoy the dim of houses’ lights and stars with your sweetheart as you hear the wave crashing or water streaming. This will surely become a peaceful moment during the honeymoon.   

For some, walking around the city with picturesque buildings is their ideal date. Again, Italy has a lot of places to offer. In Milan as for example, there are many historical or educational with artistic architecture. Planetario di Milano, Sormani Library, Silos, Pinacoteca di Brera, and Bagatti Valsecchi Museum are the most magnificent buildings to go if you want some historical and educational values during your walk. 

In the city of love, Verona, you could act out the love story of Romeo and Juliet as you stand in the balcony and your loved one kneel under. After that, strolling around houses with urban architecture, the Roman remains, and historic castles complete your honeymoon in the city. Moving to the south, Florence city is famous for its terracotta and renaissance buildings. Besides enjoying art together, you should witness the golden hour in the Ponte Vecchio. The lighting during the hour is worth to be captured with your loved one. The photos you took are not only your proof of love but also proof of your honeymoon to Italy.

Physical activities are tiring and food is comfort. Moreover, if food is the passion of you and your spouse, there are several cities in Italy that you must not miss during your honeymoon. There are also many culinary activities to fill your ‘us time’. The most common thing to do by couples is having a romantic dinner, but restaurants in Italy can make it way more special. In Grotta Palazzese you could enjoy not only food but also ocean breeze and your couple smiles. Solo Per Due restaurant will give you a fancy dinner with 19th-century vibes. A dinner in Locanda Rosa Rosea will be the most memorable dinner with your partner because of the beaming candles, antique ornaments hanging on the ceiling, fresh flowers, and brick walls. 

honeymoon to italy

Other than fancy dinner, you could do wine tasting in Tuscan. Filled with many scenic vineyards and wineries, you might make a special memory with your spouse by wandering around the yards in the verdant hilly slopes of Tuscan. After that, you must taste each glass of wine offered to both of you. Unless you want to be sober, hunting for the best Italian street food is a suitable option. Florence is popular for its street food like Panini, Gelato, Schiacciata, Crostini, Tagliere, and many more. 

After buying food, you might want to buy other things that will last longer. Yup, some souvenirs can make you remember about Italy once you are back at home again. If you prefer small, cheap, and handmade things you can find them in racks of stalls in the Le Mercerie area, Venice. Specifically for bead souvenirs, you can buy or even make in Via Sora, Milan. The souvenirs can the perfect gifts also for your family at home if you want so. 

Remember also that Italy is the home of fashion. Many international fashion brands come from Italy. If you like to shop for the fine and authentic garments from Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, just go straight to Via Monte Napoleone in Milan. Another way to rock Italian style is by wearing leather. Yes, leather is another thing Italy good at. Via Giovan Battista Zannoni in Florence is the best to buy leather clothes and accessories which you can pair up with your partner.         

The most important thing on a honeymoon is getting closer together. As you two being close, you will leave a good memory for every place you have been. Once you get a chance to go back to the place, you can reminisce about your good old time together. They are several places with several joyful activities that you can do to make an everlasting memory of honeymoon to Italy. Book the tickets now and pack your suitcase. Have a sweet honeymoon!