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7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for Winter Weddings

For those who has winter wedding, you surely want to go to unique honeymoon destinations that will bring you to the best place of your dream. Surely you want to have better weather on your honeymoon even though you have your wedding during winter time. Going to Europe might not be the best option since the weather also quite cold in that area. Instead go have your honeymoon in different region with warmer weather so you can enjoy your trip better. Do not worry as we already list the best destination that you can use for you who has winter weddings.

7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations to Visit During Winter

1. Rio De Janeiro

If you want to have your dream honeymoon, then try to go to Brazil since the weather is very nice around 104ºF even on December through January. Spend your week strolling around the beach with your partner and enjoy the nice few together. If you want to enjoy the Carnival there, then you might want to go during the February month.
    2. Barbados


For those who want to go to Caribbean then try to go to this island which have very romantic atmosphere. The resorts in this island are also more affordable since it carter towards middle class. There are a lot of activities that you can do during your visit such as various water sports, hang out at the pool, seeing wildlife, and of course enjoying night life.

     3. New Zealand


Anyone who are dreaming about beaches with white sands need to go to this unique honeymoon destinations. There are various activities that you can do that makes your honeymoon trip unforgettable such as diving to see the clear sea floor, hiking to the mountain, enjoy glaciers using helicopter, bungee jumping for those who has more guts, tasting the wine, and do not forget to experience Maori culture. This destination is surely for those who want to have some adventure on their honeymoon. 

    4. Tanzania


Want to get Serengeti experience then you must go to Tanzania where it is located. You will be able to see the unforgettable wildlife experience that you might only see here. It is best to go there before Christmas since it is the time when the animals will do their Great Migration to go to the south. During that time they will go through the park which will give you the best sight that you will ever see in your live for an alternative honeymoon ideas.
     5. Lapland


Even though some of you might want to escape from the winter weather, but some of you might still want to experience the real winter wedding. For that kind of people, then you should try to go to Lapland that is located at the Northern part of Finland. This area is the real life winter wonderland with hotels made from igloos and the snow fells that surround the tree house where you stay at. You can also do a lot of unique activity such as touring with husky, riding reindeer sleigh, and of course enjoying the unique atmosphere at the bar which build from ice. If you want to experience the best view in this world which is the Northern Lights, then you need to have your trip in between the September month towards March since it will be visible when the sky is clear during those months.
    6. Costa Rica


For those who want to have more adventure then this place is the one for you. You can find a lot of volcanoes along with evergreen rainforest which filled with unique ecosystem that you can view. Do not forget to go to see incredible sight on the mountains that you can enjoy while hiking. 

     7. Zanzibar


For those who want unique honeymoon destinations experience, then you can find one in Zanzibar. You can find beautiful turquoise colored ocean that surrounding white sand beach where you can stroll along for romantic date with your partner. Do not forget to taste the delicious seafood which also very famous in this region. 

Those are 7 unique honeymoon destinations for winter weddings that you should try to visit as they really offer unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else. Make your dreamed winter wedding come true by visiting these places.