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Honeymoon destination in Florida

Honeymoon destination in Florida - It’s a dream to many, both male and female, to one day get to find their perfect match. A partner that you would exchange vows with at the altar, in the presence of their family and friends as they are united by the greatest commandment in the Bible’ love’ and the Lord’s presence.

Well, we all dream of the destination being on the beach or an island and to make your dream come to pass Florida should be the island to go for. Florida is one of the most heavenly places to go after you proclaim your vows and say “I DO!” It’s an island destination of world-class features like fishing, scuba diving, boat riding, and sailing among other eco-tourism attractions.

To be even more specific early last year, I got a chance to visit the states of America. Being that Florida is in America there is a city by the name Key West City, Florida. Key West city is just about 90 miles from Cuba, and the sites are to die for. Don’t get me wrong, that would be my destination but I did get a chance to do more research and found other more honeymoon destinations Florida has to offer.

Here are the reasons why Florida should be your first choice honeymoon destination too. Especially for the newlyweds who enjoy traveling as a leisure activity and with a spirit of adventure.

Honeymoon Destination in Florida

1. Key West City, Florida.


Not only will you get the chance to make memories and spend time with your partner but also it is a chance to travel the world. Many opt for Key West as it also a pocket-friendly destination. Keys have excellent professional wedding planners who offer the newlyweds a diverse package at the area resort. The major activity you will enjoy most in Keys is the chance for sites for meaningful photos abounds like; water’s edge with a farmed Keys sunset as the background, on a private cruise, for a vintage look you get a picture at a historic civil war-era fort, and so much more. Another additional package is the chance to cruise the island; this is for the lovebirds a chance to enjoy the beach while sailing in a ship together.

2. Miami Beach in Florida


Miami is well known for being a party city with the highest number of salsa dancers. It’s a romantic and very colorful city as featured in most movies an island that many opt as a place to go for a vacation to unwind. For a honeymoon destination Miami Beach, Florida should be on the to go list as it exudes a lustrous sexiness. Being a large city one of the hotels for a honeymoon destination would be the famous Nobu Hotel. Just like in Keys, it is pocket-friendly as it goes for as little as $150 for three nights in the resort. It comes with the beach privileges of a beautiful venue from the top of the building. It is spacious with a king sized room or known by many the master bedroom. You get to enjoy your mimosa with a beach view and the pools that are kept the warmth of 75 to 95 degree Celsius just the right way to enjoy the Miami heat. You'll truly enjoy what Miami has to offer.

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3. Melbourne Beach


If you opt for ocean fun, then this is your place to be. Melbourne beach located beside Florida’s space coast and for this resort, depending on the honeymoon dates, you may be lucky to catch one of the beach’s annual festivals as the arts festival and aviation festival. It is an addition to entertainment during your honeymoon with your partner which comes as an extra package. In addition, couples tend to get plenty of pampering and a one-hour Swedish couple massage. In consideration for stirring up the romance vibe, the newlyweds are offered chocolate dipped strawberries with a bottle of champagne along with other extra goodies.

In conclusion, Florida never disappoints as a romantic island for the lovebirds who wish to spoil one another or who wish to make their dream wedding or honeymoon come to pass. This article is not for the newlyweds alone but also a destination to the lovers who want to rekindle their love.