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5 Common Misconceptions about Hawaii Honeymoon

Many honeymooners do not know about common misconceptions on Hawaii honeymoon which may affect their trip one way or another. If you want to have the best honeymoon trip, then you should know everything about the place where you want to go. Especially since Hawaii is a favorite honeymoon destination that a lot of couples fantasized on. Of course, Hawaii is a very beautiful place which makes it the best place to go on the honeymoon. But there are some things that you might want to know more so you would not get disappointed when you unknowingly encounter them.


5 Common Misconceptions on Hawaii Honeymoon

1. White Sand

One thing that a lot of couples fantasized on is to walk on beaches with white sand. But you should know that not all beaches have white sand. The beaches may have different kind of colors from sugar sand color to black color. Furthermore, there are some beaches that have a different color since Hawaii is a volcanic island. For example, the red sand that you can find on Kaihalulu beach. So if you want to see beaches with white sand, then you should make sure if the beach you go to has it or not.

2. Native

Most people think that everyone that lives in Hawaii is a native; however, that is actually not the case. According to the statistic around nine percent of the population in Hawaii is Hawaiian Pacific, around five percent is native Hawaii, and around thirty-eight is Asian then around twenty-four is Caucasian.

3. Language

Even though there are actually two languages that are officially used in Hawaii which is English and the native language. But not everyone that lives in the area is able to speak the native language. So you do not need to be afraid when you go to have your honeymoon in Hawaii since they will still able to understand you even when you are using English.

4. Rain

People often think that there is no rain in Hawaii, but actually, that is wrong. The rain in Hawaii can also happen during winter but usually, summer is the season where there is a lot of rain. That is why if you do not want your honeymoon to be disturbed by the rainy weather, then you might want to be prepared. But nothing to worry about since after the rain usually you can see the rainbow which is very beautiful and can add more romantic feeling when you spend the night on Hawaii honeymoon resorts.

5. Big Island

Hawaii consists of a lot of islands but most people think that the biggest island is the most popular destination for honeymoon. Surely the big island has a lot of tourist facility which makes it a popular destination. However, when it comes to the most popular island that you can use for a honeymoon, Oahu is the island that is most popular among all islands. Especially since it is where the Waikiki area is located, thus you should try to visit it on your honeymoon.
Those are several common misconceptions on Hawaii honeymoon so you can be prepared and not to be afraid when visiting on your honeymoon.