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25 Honeymoon Ideas That Guarantee a Totally Dreamy Vacation

Having a great honeymoon is surely a dream that every couple has in their lives. Especially since; a perfect honeymoon will make the wedding become perfect as well. There are various places that many couples dreamed of so they can have the perfect honeymoon. From the city with a magical view to the mountaintop with a magnificent sight, all of which you surely would not be able to forget. However, the one place that everyone agrees as the dreamy honeymoon ideas lies on the classic type of honeymoon which is the island getaway that will bring you out from the hectic lifestyle in your hometown. Here are some places that you can visit to fulfill your dream.

25 Places That Will Give You the Best Honeymoon Ideas 

1. Lanai, Hawaii


Hawaii is the island for romantic honeymoon ideas since it is filled with everything that you dreamed of. The view of pine trees which you can enjoy while riding on a horse is perfect scenario for some off road exploration. The beaches with white sands and dramatic views, all of which you can enjoy while strolling with your partner in the evening. It is truly the island where couples want to have their dreamy vacation on. One of the islands where you should try to visit is this Lanai Island as you can find various resorts with the best quality in this world on the island as your luxurious accommodation.
The Lanai city is where you should be as it is one of the best honeymoon spot in Hawaii. You can enjoy various natural adventures on the northern part of the island. Go for snorkeling in the Hulopoe Bay which famous for the ocean view where you can see wild Spinner dolphins and turtles. Or you can just relax on the beach to sunbath while seeing the Puu Pehe which is sweetheart rock that makes many couple visit this island. There are also various restaurants that can give you the perfect dining experience to end your day before you go back to your accommodation for some romantic night together.

2. St. Barts


This island is recently affected by hurricane season which makes a lot of facilities temporarily closed. However, you would not have to wait for long since it will be fully operates soon. And once it is up to run again, you will be able to find the best classic destination that everyone always talks about. Start by staying in hotels with chic decoration that will make your honeymoon ideas becomes more romantic. Le Barthelemy as well as Le Toiny will be reopened with the best accommodation that you can ever dream of. Then you can enjoy your vacation by strolling on the beaches with the picturesque view of white sand. Or do some scuba diving for those who want to experience under the water view which as beautiful as what you can see above the water. Of course sailing is another adventure method that you can try if you do not like the more modern jet skis and yachts. Of course other water sports such as fishing; surfing, waterskiing, and many other options are also available. For your wellbeing, you can relax and enjoy one of the spas which give you the best treatment. Then end your day by dining in the nearby restaurant to taste the local fresh seafood. But of course, if you still have some energy left, the island nightlife is something that you should not miss.

3. Bali, Indonesia


Experience a more exotic vacation by visiting this island which located in the far east of Asia. The island is filled with spiritual connection of Hindu which makes the island even more exotic with the Asian culture and people. Enjoy the unique view of rice paddies when you move from one place to another so you would never get bored when transferring. Wake up early to go for a hike and see the sunrise on top of a volcano mountain with beautiful views that you can never forget. And for those who enjoy Yoga, then you can try to do the real deal with the guide from the local expert. Those who are beginner can also try it since this exercise is good for everyone that wants to have fun honeymoon ideas.
There are various water activities that you can enjoy on the island such as surfing, diving, and various water sports since the water in this island is famous for their safety.  But strolling to enjoy the beach is also good for those who want to relax after a day of activity. Do not forget that there are various spas which are good option for couples who want to enjoy relaxing vacations. The traditional spas in this island offer unique experience that you could never forget. Of course the nightlife in this island is also something unique that you should try as they are as fun as those clubs in modern cities.

4. Bora Bora


Come to the French Polynesia to enjoy the exotic view on the best honeymoon island. You will see the gem like view of the beaches with white sand and turquoise ocean water which you can enjoy while snorkeling to see the rays and sharks from close distance. But do not worry as the water is actually calm enough so you can enjoy it while riding on the boat around the island. Try to rent a boat with glass bottom so you can see the ocean creature from the convenient of your boat.
You can also get different adventure by riding 4x4 open cars to the Povoi Valley where you can see the sunset. Or have experienced guide to take you to cultural tour to meet the local farmer, visiting the ancient temple, and traditional villages. Do not forget to visit Bloody Mary’s which is a world popular restaurant to take a sip on their famous cocktails while eating their fresh food. For those who want to have some private and luxurious honeymoon ideas, then you can try to stay in the resort that offers overwater bungalow so you can dive into the water right from the front of your room.

5. Maldives


Of course some of you might want to go to the Maldives which offers magnificent view that actually better than those you see on the pictures. Just head to any beaches that you first find and see the view by your own eyes, you will see that the pictures actually do not need to be PhotoShopped. Experience different beaches by going for island hopping to one of the thousands island that available in Maldives. When you visit the islands, you can dive into the Indian Ocean that is very dreamy with its beautiful color.
Experience how it feels to be a marine biologist that you always want to be when you are little by diving with pretty marine creature such as clown ‘nemo’ fish, manta rays, sharks and even whales. Of course dolphin watching is the one thing that every visitor must do when going to this island for unique honeymoon ideas. For those who enjoy fishing for sports will also enjoy this island to the fullest as they can fish then ask the chef in your resort to cook the catch for your romantic dinner later. The resorts in this island are also known for their best spa that gives you best service in the world.

6. Santorini


Ever dream of the best honeymoon in Greece; then head to Santorini for the ultimate experience of classic Greece honeymoon ideas. Start your adventure by sailing to see the beautiful Aegean Sea while having your lunch over the sea. Or you can also try to go in the evening so you can see the sunset view without any obstacle while having BBQ party. Then end your day on one of the hot springs which created naturally by the volcanoes.
For those who do not want to spend their day on the sea, then you can try to take the city tour. Everyone should go to enjoy the famous architectural structure at least once in their live. You surely want to visit Akrotiri which famous in the world and learn about the Minoan history that spreads around the town. Do not forget to dine in their panoramic restaurant located on the hillsides and eat the famous Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, there are several places that also offer cooking class for those who want to learn the authentic Mediterranean cuisine from the expert. Those who enjoy wine can also go to have wine tasting tour since there are several wineries in this island that offers the perfect wine.

7. Seychelles 


Only some of you might already hear about Seychelles since this place is actually secluded. Since only a few islands in the area which are inhabited then you can go there for your private honeymoon ideas. Of course the Indian Ocean is the main attraction that makes everyone goes to this location in the first place. Enjoy the coral reef directly by scuba diving to see around 300 species that swimming on around 100 different coral varieties. Do not worry as the visibility on this area is very good which can even reach 30 meters while the water in the area also suitable as it is only 28 degree C.
For those who enjoy sport, you can go fishing as the big game is held in the area. Or you can also go to the local golf club that offers beautiful natural view surrounding the course. Of course, hiking is another method that you can use to enjoy the view. Go to the Praslin as well as La Digue as there are some tracks that are clearly mark so it would be more convenient for you. For the accommodation, you can find almost any kind of things that you ever dream of. Go to the resort that offers luxurious accommodation or to the guest house for more modest style.

8. Palawan


For simple honeymoon ideas, then you can heads to this place that located in the Philippines. But nothing is simple as there are a lot of activities which you can do when visiting this place. The most popular one would be the scuba diving as it is the activity that attracts a lot of people to come and enjoy the Sulu Sea. There are some places that deemed to be the best place in this world for scuba diving such as Tubbataha Reef which is a national park as well as Coron Bay with the shipwrecks that makes the diving experience more unique. Of course you can also do other water activities such as kayaking in the sea, sailing and many others.
For those who wants to relax then you can stroll on the beach or just lie down to enjoy the sunset. Or take the boat to go around the island to see the full sights. Do not forget to enjoy the natural view of rainforest while you go on trekking through it. Food is another thing that you can enjoy in this place as their food is always freshly caught. There are various resorts and hotels where you can stay to enjoy with different budget to spend.

9. Tahaa 


Another island that you can visit for some French Polynesia honeymoon ideas is Tahaa. Experience your first dive into the sea that filled with lots of dive sites which good for beginners to expert. Of course jet ski also available for those who want to explore the sea. But if you do not want to go to the sea, there is kayak excursion that you can do on the river. For couples that want more adventure, then go for a safari using 4x4 to see the tropical vegetation. Or go by foot on a hike to the Temehani mountain with 2.5 mile of trek that will bring you to the Raiatea waterfall.
If you want to experience some Polynesia culture, then you can have culture tour around the island to learn about the history, fauna as well as flora with the local guide which will take you to the Marae cultural sites. Do not forget to learn Tahitian dance which accompanied by ukulele and traditional drums. The best accommodation that you can find is on Le Tahaa resort which located on a private island. This resort has bungalows which lies overwater so you can see the sunrise as well as sunset directly from your room.

10. Kauai


It is one of the oldest and main islands in Hawaii that you surely need to visit, if you want to experience the real Hawaiian honeymoon ideas. The land in this island is lust and the beaches are pristine so you need to explore everything to satisfy your senses. Do not worry as there is multitude on things that you can do in this island. Start by exploring the jungle using the zipline for those who are dared enough to do it. Then go explore the rivers by kayaking for a close up adventure. Then you can end your day by relaxing on the beach while watching the sunset.
For those who love to adventure, do not forget to explore the whole Garden Isle for an unforgettable experience. But of course for couple that does not want to has quicker pace can just enjoy the local culture at more leisure pace. Go to visit historical landmarks and museum to learn about the culture. Then enjoy your day at the farmers market to see the local product. Do not forget to take the film tour which will bring you to various filming set that happen in this island. There are around 60 films that take place in this island.

11. Hayman Island


Deemed as one of the most luxurious place in Australia, you surely want to visit this place especially since the temperature is totally the opposite of what you have on the west side of the world. Furthermore, it is located close to the Great Barrier Reef so you can go there during your visit to enjoy some extra adventure. But still, this island is a must go especially for those who want to get some pampering done in more private location. There are various things that you can do such as snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful marine creature, or rent a boat to go for a sail in the turquoise water. Of course; the simple activity such as kayaking and water skiing also available.
As for accommodation, you can find world famous 5 star hotel Hayman resort in this island which builds since 1987. This building is designed so it will blend well with its natural surroundings. This place also provides the best culinary indulgences that you can find in this world. There are several lounge, bars, and restaurant where you can enjoy your dinner. Of course romantic honeymoon ideas get a private outdoor dining with reef as the background is a dream that every couple want to experience. Lastly, do not forget to treat yourself to a couple spa massages to end your day.

12. Unguja

The island that is located in Tanzania also called as Zanzibar is very beautiful especially since it is surrounded by pretty Indian Ocean. You can experience unique adventure in the nature as well as relaxing cultural adventure in the town. Start by visiting the Stone Town which is the capital city to see the impressive architecture, Narrow Street, bustling market, as well as museums which are very interesting. You can learn about the historic pass of Zanzibar including the slave trade which already abolished in this area by old Sultan on 1873.
The next day, you can spend by exploring the beaches. Go to Kendwa as well as Nungwi beaches which located on the northern part of the island. Then try snorkeling on Mnemba Atoll that has water which is crystal clear so you can see the wild creature easily. Then end your day by watching the sunset while strolling on the white sand beach in front of your hotels. If you have more days to spend, then do not forget to go to Prison Island to see the giant turtles by your own eyes for once in your life. Of course snorkeling in this island is also recommended activity that you should not miss for your honeymoon ideas.

13. Nihi, Sumba, Indonesia


Deemed as one of the best and most luxurious location in the world, Nihi which locate in Sumba, Indonesia is another island that you should visit for the best honeymoon ideas. There are many celebrities also spend their time in this island since it is suitable for more private getaway. Furthermore, there are various activities that you can do in this island. You can start by going to surf as the water area that surrounds this island is very suitable for surfing. Other activities also available such as snorkeling, wake boarding, kayaking and many others.
Not only the ocean water that is beautiful but there is also Weekuri lake which also have beautiful blue water that you can explore or you can just hang out at the side to enjoy the view. For those who want to have more relaxing activity, yoga is another thing that you can do as there is some local experts that can teach you. Furthermore, you can do yoga while surrounded by beautiful palm tree facing the sea which surely a unique yoga experience. There is a local chocolate factory that owned by a resort in this island that you can visit so you can see how it is produced while seeing the local cocoa field.

14. Kangaroo Island


Going to Australia, you must go to this island as you can see the kangaroo as well as experiencing various adventures throughout the island wild nature for your honeymoon ideas. For those who need guidance, you can book one of the tour which will take you all around the island. This is when you can see the kangaroo not in the zoo but in the wild so stay alert all time. Do not forget to visit the Seal Bay where you can see the seal with your own eyes. Then take a rest at Hanson Bay café to eat before continuing your journey. drive on the wildness trail along the coastline where you can see various creatures such as dolphin, seal and even whales.

15. South Island

This island is located in New Zealand with beautiful beaches and nice views that you can enjoy as one of your honeymoon ideas. Start your day by going to the highest peak in this island which is Aoraki and enjoy the best picturesque view that you can ever witness in this island. Do not worry as you can easily go there by food since the trek of Hooker Valley is open and marked easily. Next is to go to Larnach Castle which is the only castle in Australia build since 1871 to learn the history of Dunedin. For those who want to enjoy natural creature, then heads to Steward island where it host a lot of birds population that are very diverse including albatross, kaka, penguin, kiwi, weka and many others. Next is to go to the Fiordland which is the national park with beautiful views that you can enjoy by walking, using boat or even chopper.
The next destination would be Marlborough Sounds since you can spend a whole day in this area. It has various historical sites, secluded bays, marine reserves and many others which all are homes to various native species such as kiwis. For those who want to enjoy the city live, then go to the Christchurch which is a street filled with art trail that you can easily enjoy from sitting in the cafes.

16. Hong Kong


Another exotic island that you can try to visit even when you do not want to go to the mainland. This island is modern but still have the old Chinese culture that you looking for your honeymoon ideas. Go have a tour throughout the city using the Star Ferry which will give you throughout view of the city. You can see another incredible view of the city from Victoria Peak. Of course touring the city is another method that you can use for a close up experience. While touring the city, do not forget to visit the street market to feel the local culture directly. Then the next day, you can have a romantic day out at Disney Land.

17. Phuket, Thailand


This place is rich with adventure that will fill your honeymoon ideas with memories you cannot forget. It is also an old town that is filled with history and cultural attraction that are very iconic so it will give you a new viewpoint of Thailand. Furthermore, for those who want to visit the nearby island, you can do it with ease as Phuket really close to other island so you can go back and forth easily. First you might want to get to know more of the local culture, so you might want to visit Big Buddha which located in Chalong on the southern side of the island.
Afterwards you can go have a relaxing day in the beaches since this island have around 30 beaches that you can go to. Among them the most popular one are Patong, Nai Harn, and Kata. Then on the evening, you can enjoy the nightlife which available in Patong by visiting the night market in Phuket town. You can buy various souvenirs at this place in very affordable prices. Of course the highlight of your visit should be by going to the FantaSea Show which is a show that is very similar to Las Vegas but with some Thailand touch.

18. Jamaica


Jamaica is the place that you should visit if you want to have a lot of activity to enjoy. For those who are staying around Ocho Rios then you should try to go hiking to Dunn’s Park for a day. Then move to the northwest area where you can find a unique beach with sand that is cumin colored. Or you can visit the eastern edge first to go to Blue Mountain with its majestic view. For those who stay in Port Antonio, then you should try to go to Boston Beach for surfing or to the famous Blue Lagoon for a swim.

19. St. Lucia

For those who want to go to St. Lucia to enjoy the Caribbean Sea, then honeymoon is the right reason to go there. Do not forget to visit the Pigeon Island to see the national landmark and learn about the history of the island. Then go to Anse Chastanet where you can relax on this beach which seems to be the best beaches in the area. But of course, you can also visit other beaches such as Reduit, Marigot Bay, and many others. You can spend hours to half a day on those beaches which loved by not only the travelers but also locals alike.
For those who want different activity, then you can try to go for a hiking through the Pitons where you can see colorful vegetations spread all over the volcanic plugs. But if you are not up for a hike then just go to the Diamond Botanical which is a garden where you can enjoy waterfall for your new honeymoon ideas. And do not miss to visit Sulfur Spring Park where you can go there safely by driving. Then if you still have some time to kill, go to the Castries Market where there are a lot of people that sold variety of local food as well as flea market.

20. Mallorca


Another place that will give you totally dreamy honeymoon ideas so you need to enjoy it to the fullest. Start by driving to the Tramuntana since this mountain is a sight that must be seen to everyone that visits this area. Then go to enjoy the unique architecture by visiting Old Town as well as La Lonja, of course it is easier to take a bus with open top for a tour around Palma City. For those who enjoy wine, then there are around 80 wineries that you can visit to have a sip of locally produced wine. Of course spending your day by relaxing on the beaches should be on your list too.

21. Mauritius


Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is another island where a lot of honeymooners go for a romantic vacation. But usually honeymooners only go there to relax on the beaches all day. Of course the azure waters as well as white sands is hard to miss, however, there are a lot more honeymoon ideas that you can do while visiting this island. Start by renting your own car then goes to drive around the island to see the view in detailed. Then go to the southern coast where you can visit hidden villages and beaches.
Do not forget to stop on the tea plantations where you can see a magical view of never ending tea plantations surrounded by fogs. You can take a tour with guide which will also take you to the terrace restaurant to enjoy the panoramic view while eating your lunch. If you go to the inland area, then you can try to visit sugarcane fields at L’Aventure Du Sucre that also have sugarcane museum. Then go to the south where you can find Chamarel a small village with colorful earth color and various waterfalls to visit. While you are at it, do not forget to eat the street foods which consist of many fusion foods.

22. Hvar, Croatia


Looking for a luxurious getaway, then Hvar is the island that you need to visit. For those who loves to party in the beach, then go to Majerovića for a fun day. And for those who love to learn the local culture, you can go to Stari Grad which is the oldest town as well as the main port. Afterwards heads to Tvrdalj just a seafront distance from the previous place to see the renaissance influence in Croatia. Do not forget to taste some local food at deserted village all around the island, gregada is the dish that you must try. If you decide to stay inside the Hvar town, then heads to Tri Pršuta which is a wine bar where you can sip some wine and relax.

23. Fiji


Located in South Pacific, this country consists of around 300 islands that you can explore. Start from Vitu Levu which is the largest isle where the capital is located. Then go to the Sabeto Range where you can see sleeping giant garden which is an botanic sanctuary. Explore Nadi some more to see the Indian legacy in this area such as the Hindu Temple belong to Sri Siva. Of course, tasking the indo Fiji fusion curry and roti is another thing that you must do, so go to Curry House to have a bite or two. Mamanuca Islands is another isle that you need to visit where you can see Monuriki which is the filming location for Castaway with Tom Hanks as the cast. Next heads to Beqa Island where you can do some diving to see the seahorse, ghost pipefish, pelagic and many others.
Heads to Vanua Levu where you can experience more rural atmosphere where various luxurious resorts are located. Of course, you can still see and enjoy the local life by visiting Nukubaluvu Village to do the traditional ceremony of sevu-sevu. Next go to Savusavu Bay where you can see the beautiful bay where a lot of unique pearls are hunt.

24. 4,000 Islands


Located in a country in Southeast Asia which is Laos, this island is a home of various incredible adventures that you can do as your honeymoon ideas. Start by renting a bike then goes from Don Det towards Don Khon which connected by a bridge then tours the two islands. In Don Khon there is a village where you can see the traditional French Colonial architecture. Then go to Li Phi Falls which surrounded by beautiful greenery. The next day you can take a boat tour for a chance to see Irrawaddy dolphins which is an endangered species in this island. Then spend the evening at Don Det to watch the sunset while relaxing and the open restaurant and bar spread all around the town. For accommodation stay at riverside bungalow which will allow you to see the incredible natural view even though it is not very luxurious.

25. Sri Lanka


Another cultural place that you need to visit in Southeast Asia for your honeymoon ideas is Sri Lanka. Go to Sigiriya which is a heritage sites where you can see fortress on top of the rocky mountain. Then go to the national park of Uda Walawe to see the elephants at the Esala Peraha which is a parade held in Kandy. Then go visit Nurweya Eliya to sip on the natural fresh tea that the local farmer grow. Then go to another national park in Yala to see the Leopard by your own eyes. For those who want to enjoy the beach then go to Arugam Bay that has coconut palms soft sands and everything that you ever dreamed of from a beach scenery. Do not forget to ride a boat on the southern water to see the big blue whales.

Those are the best honeymoon ideas that you can do while you doing your vacation to various countries. Every country has different thing that you can do, so it is better for you to choose a place that has the activity that you both loved. Some of you might want to enjoy luxurious and relaxing honeymoon. But some of you might want to get exciting and adventurous honeymoon. So have some discussion with your partner before deciding the location, do not worry as some places have both world to offer which can satisfy both of you.