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10 Quick Tips about Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

While everyone want to have the best honeymoon, but not everyone willing to break their bank just to go to expensive honeymoon destinations that are over their budget. If you are one of those people, do not worry too much as there are some honeymoon destinations on a budget that you can use to fulfill your dream. These honeymoon destinations are beautiful but still affordable so you would not have to spend more than what you willing to spend. That way, you can spend the extra cash on something more important after marriage. 

10 Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget You Should Go To



This destination is located in the central part of America where you can find beautiful tropical beaches as well as evergreen forest that will surely satisfy your honeymoon fantasy. If you love to be more active during your honeymoon, then you can try to go to Belize City where you can find various activities from snorkeling to kayaking. You can also visit several Mayan sites in the city to learn about their history.



You will surely get a unique honeymoon experience when you decide to go to Cuba. Not only it is a close destination, but the fight fee also very affordable which makes it perfect for budget cautious couple. You can enjoy the exotic rum making history in the Old Havana and enjoy the historical El Morro Castle with their cannon ceremony.



Not far from East Coast you can go to Bermuda which gives honeymooners unforgettable experience. The resort in the area offers affordable honeymoon package and there are plenty of activity that you can do such as snorkeling, kayaking, and many others.



There are various resorts in this place that can be your all inclusive honeymoon destinations with affordable price. Usually those packages already include drink and food so you can then spend your budget for other things.

Napa Valley


If you only have short time to do your honeymoon, then you can go to Napa Valley which located in California. Enjoy the beautiful winery where you can taste various kind of wine. Then you can stay in a lot of resorts that spread around the area with various affordable prices that you can choose from according to your budget.



If you want to enjoy the Caribbean coast, then try to go to Tulum which offer more affordable accommodation compared to the more popular Cancun. But do not worry as this place is also as beautiful where you can explore the mayan ruins and relax afterward on your beach resort.



For those who want to go to Asia, then try to choose Vietnam which is better honeymoon destinations on a budget than Thailand. There are various kinds of activities that you can do such as hiking on the mountains to enjoy the valley view. And you can also enjoy walking on the white sand in the tropical beaches.



Want to go outside the country but to more affordable honeymoon destination, then try to visit the Niagara fall in Canada side. The small town offers beautiful view and resort with colonial style where you can stay to enjoy your honeymoon. Do not forget to visit the local winery since the area also famous for their wine produce. If that is still not enough, then you can try to drive to Toronto which only takes around 45 minutes.



For those who choose Europe as their honeymoon destinations on a budget, then you can go to Portugal to enjoy the exotic experience which actually more affordable than Spain. There are various ancient castles that you can enjoy alongside the fishing villages that also offer beach retreats.



Hawaii is another honeymoon destination of your dream that many couples fantasized about. For the more affordable cost, then you can choose Honolulu as your destination instead of other areas. There are various budget friendly accommodations that you can use. There are also public transportations that you can use to explore the area so you do not need to rent a car to move around.

Here are 10 honeymoon destinations on a budget that you can follow especially when you are more cautious about your cost and need more affordable place to visit.