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6 Best Places to Visit during Honeymoon Trip to Japan

Honeymoondestinations - The beauty of Japan, either the landscape or the culture has attracted around the world to visit this country. Not to mention, the unique and appetizing culinary that goes beyond sushi. It’s not surprising that many newlywed couples choose to have a honeymoon trip to Japan to budding their marriage life.

Clean cities and pristine nature, both offering great spots to explore together by couples to spend romantic time together. This country also has punctual public transportations making everyone comfortable and support their mobility. Besides, people here are warm and kind and like to help visitors. 

6 Destinations for Honeymoon Trip to Japan

Japan has many popular and interesting destinations, especially if you plan to have a romantic getaway with your spouse. To ensure your honeymoon trips run well and are unforgettable, these are some destinations that you can visit in Japan. 

1. Have a Tour in Tokyo

Honeymoon Trip to Japan

As the capital city, Tokyo is a one-stop for many tourists. There are a variety of interesting activities you can spend here with your spouse. Why don’t go to Shinjuku that is popular with its themed bars or experience something traditional by taking a rickshaw tour?

Tokyo has plenty of local restaurants which serve palatable Japanese cuisine. In case, it is your first time in Japan both of you can try to memorize that unique taste in one or more restaurants. It is easier to find shops in the city, it can be a perfect time for you to get some cute souvenirs for your family. 

2. Travel through Arashiyama

Honeymoon Trip to Japan arashiyama

Arashiyama is one of the popular landmarks in Japan. It is a bamboo forest with a path amidst. Here, you can see many Japanese couples dressed in kimonos and enjoy sightseeing in bamboo forests. You and spouse can rent ones too and take memorable pictures while traveling amidst the Arashiyama. 

Still in this location, visitors can find a 100-year-old legacy building snuggled in nature and only can be approached by riding a boat. Besides, couples who visit this location can learn about the delicate art of tea ceremony or joining intricate, artistic, sake-paired kaiseki courses. 

3. Come to Gion Geisha District

Honeymoon Trip to Japan geisha district

Those who ever read ‘Memoirs of Geisha’ Book commonly will include Gion in their honeymoon itinerary. You can trace the past life of Gion, the original district where the entertainer profession currently remains exist. During your visit, you will be accompanied by the local experts.

They will take you into enlightening and inclusive evening stroll in Gion District. This tour includes a tea house visit, tasting the original sake, and watching an apprentice geisha called maiko entertaining the guests. 

4. See Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

Honeymoon Trip to Japan kyoto

Cherry blossoms are an icon of Japan. That’s why visitors want to see these plants grow where they originally live. Kyoto is a city with breathtaking cherry blossom views so that people like to visit it during their honeymoon trip in Japan. Feel the romantic feel by taking pictures under cherry blossoms bloom. 

During the spring, most of the roads in this city are covered by cherry blossoms. Tokyo is also renowned for its traditional life in the past. Hence, it is pretty common to see some spots packed with cherry blossoms are also encircled by intricate temples. 

5. Admire the Magnificent Mt. Fuji

Honeymoon Trip to Japan mt fuji

Another must-visited destination during honeymoon trip is Mt. Fuji. This mountain attracts many people outside Japan to directly see the eternal snow-coated top. Watching on the mountain itself will put you in amazed. Not to mention the serenity and fascinating natural beauty to enjoy with spouse. 

To ensure couples get a good vision of the mountain view, essential supplies such as binoculars are available here. Even Mt. Fuji can be seen clearly through the resort balcony in this location when the weather is good. 

6. Explore Tropical Okinawa

Honeymoon Trip to Japan okinawa

Despite its historical story in World War II, Tropical Okinawa is also famous as a honeymoon destination. This tropical-vibe island is situated close to Taiwan with residents that have healthy lives and better longevity. 

Although some parts have been touched by modernity you still can experience traditionalism such as buffalo-drawn carts as transportation in the village. This island gives an old-fashioned Hawaii ambiance. 

Choosing destinations for your honeymoon trip in Japan should be done before you land in this country. It ensures your honeymoon trip runs well and gives you a haunting experience.