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6 Things to Do on Your Tanzania Honeymoon

HoneymoondestinationsTanzania is unlikely to be the top option when it comes to honeymoon destinations. However, if you want to experience something different, Tanzania honeymoon is worth trying. This place is perfect for any couple who likes something adventurous or some excitements to begin married life. 

Tanzania Honeymoon

With a magical view, Tanzania offers a more secluded and unspoiled nature. It provides newlyweds with a unique ambiance as well as huge intimate vibes which serves as a great option for a romantic getaway. This place is magical and suits couples who want to go beyond the ordinary.

6 Activities for Tanzania Honeymoon

Provide a wonderful setting for honeymooners, Tanzania provides both adventure and relaxation. Packed with fewer crowds than other honeymoon destinations, couples can enjoy many things comfortably. Here are several things you can do on your honeymoon in Tanzania. 

1. Experience a Romantic Safari

Tanzania Honeymoon romantic safari

The wilderness of Africa is something that the majority of people try to avoid when visiting. However, those who like something different can try to experience a romantic safari during honeymoon in Tanzania. Riding a private open-sided vehicle, couples and feel how to get close with the wild nature. 

You not only can meet wild animals directly but also see their real-life in nature. After finishing the safari tour, newlyweds can enjoy great retreats on the lodge with world-class amenities. Since the wildlife landscape is not far away from the lodge, it serves as an awesome backdrop for a honeymoon. 

2. Visit Serengeti National Park

Tanzania Honeymoon national park

Another great spot to see the wildlife is in Serengeti National Park. People across the globe like to come to this national park to watch the Great Wildebeest migration which is known to be one of the largest animal migrations in the world. People often refer to this event as one of the Seven Wonders in Africa. 

Most interestingly, this great migration occurs all year round. This migration is likely to happen during a river crossing in June and October or calving season which takes place between January and March. Hence, it will be worth seeing this special nature even when you stay in Tanzania for honeymoon. 

3. Explore Tropical Nature

Tanzania Honeymoon tropical nature

The wild nature of Tanzania is really captivating and invites many people who visit this country to explore it. It has many stunning and secluded beaches lined with palm trees, white sand, and clear turquoise water. Not to mention the beautiful coral reef and various beach activities you can try together with spouse.

If you don’t want to hit the water, why don’t you explore the maze-like streets or visiting some of interesting historic buildings in Tanzania? Here you can visit cultural and flea markets that already claimed to be UNSECO heritage sites. 

4. Cruise Along Rufiji River

Tanzania Honeymoon river

As you have tried the romantic land safari, now you can try different Tanzania honeymoon experiences by taking a boat safari. It is available in Selous which is known to be the biggest fauna reserve in the country. It happens to be a more secluded and tranquil area in Tanzania. 

Discover the largest river in the country called Rufiji. This river is not only inhabited by hippos and crocodiles but also bird species that are commonly spotted in the river bank. Trying romantic cruise along this river can be completely terrifying. 

5. Morning Ride on Air Balloon

Tanzania Honeymoon air balloon

Starting the day with an intimate breakfast offers two different options, in the restaurant or the beachfront garden. Before filling your tummy, Tanzania gives you a unique way to spend a romantic moment in the morning, which is taking an air balloon ride. 

You can watch the sunrise in the air from the hot air balloon. As the air balloon raises, the savana and surroundings will start changing color. You can see how sun hits savana for the first time. 

6. Stay at Ngorongoro Crater

Tanzania Honeymoon ngorongoro

Ngorongoro Crater is another UNESCO world heritage in Tanzania. This surreal nature with a majestic volcano formed million years ago along with a huge caldera becomes a rarely beautiful backdrop for honeymoon.

Here, there are many lodges available for visitors. Couples can try to stay in this lodge with the sounds of animals from the surroundings and experience having breakfast in nature while seeing the orange-pink sky. 

Going for a Tanzania honeymoon gives a unique experience once in a lifetime. Exploring wildlife, doing adventure, and spotting rare natural moments are available there.