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6 Best Ways to Enjoy Cayman Islands Honeymoon

Cayman Islands honeymoon becomes most of new couples’ dream as this place is pretty clean, safe, and inhabited by the warmest people on earth. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this island offers such a different attraction for those who just started their married life so they want to spend a memorable moment here.

The Cayman Islands offers honeymooners everything they need to enjoy the time together with their partners. Breathtaking natural view, crystal-clear beaches, endless sunshine, coral reefs, diving spots, and luxurious hotels are available here to make sure you enjoy every second in this place.

6 Activities to Do during Cayman Islands Honeymoon

There are plenty of interesting activities that you can do to enjoy the moment with your partner when visiting the Cayman Islands. Both laidback activities and adventurous ones are available here. You just need to plan what kind of honeymoon experience that you and your partner want to have.

1. Visiting a Castle

Head straight to Cayman’s oldest structure and you can find beautiful Savanna there. Stroll around to discover the native fauna of Cayman Islands and most interestingly, the wonderful views from Pedro St. James Castle which existed in this location.

This outstanding building in the past was actually both a courthouse and a jail. Visiting this castle is a great option for you to experience the vibes and history of the renowned building on this island. Besides, you can admire the beautiful view of East End as well as North side of Grand Cayman.

2. Having a Boat Trip

Want to enjoy more romantic vibes for both? Why don’t you go to Owen Island? The romantic vibe here is strong as you can enjoy laidback activities with your partner by having an intimate picnic and simply enjoy the Caribbean breeze. This is worth doing if you want to enjoy Cayman’s serenity.

Another option you can do to experience the tranquility of this place is by off to Little Cayman. You can reach that place through a quick boat trip that will bring you to the secluded white sand beach. There, you can enjoy the freshwater of exquisite blue lagoon as well.

3. Relaxing at Seven Mile Beach

As the biggest island, Grand Cayman offers many interesting things to do. On the west side of this island lays the worldwide distinguished golden sand beach called Seven Mile Beach. Either you just reclining underneath casuarina trees or swimming, both are satisfying to do.

This beach is a perfect spot for doing sports as well. You can simply have jogging to get some sweats or try a variety of water sports which are available on this beach. Water-skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, and parasailing will give you and your beloved one much excitement.

4. Swimming with Stingrays

If you want to have a unique Cayman Islands honeymoon experience, go to North Sound in Grand Cayman. This place is one of the best diving sites in the world and it’s renowned to be a home for stingrays. This will give you a more adventurous honeymoon as you need to dive in 4-meter depth.

A lot of adventurous divers enjoy diving in this fascinating site, as they not only can swim in the freshwater but also can feed the stingrays which often gathered in a group. Swimming together with partner and get close to this wildspectacle truly will make your honeymoon astounding.

5. Hiking at Grand Cayman

Exploring the wild nature of Grand Cayman is the simplest thing to do and it cost’s nothing. Here, you can find the famous Mastic Trail that extends 2 miles. Honeymooners who visit Grand Cayman also like to spend their time together by hiking on this trail.

Not just a hiking trail, there is also a subtropical forest where you can come across a variety of plants as well as animals which become the local inhabitants of this island.

6. Fishing

One of the main activities people commonly do in Cayman island is going into the clear water and for amazing fishing. Hence, don’t forget to bring along your reel during honeymoon in Cayman Island because sometimes there are some fishing competitions that you can join.

You will get interesting prizes when catching tuna, bonefish, wahoo, and blue marlin.

Cayman Islands honeymoon offers unique joys for budding marriage life. Make your honeymoon memorable by spending time together by experiencing various fun activities here.