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Check Out These 11 Romantic Midwest Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon is coming. Where should you spend it? Just because you want a romantic honeymoon with your spouse, that doesn’t mean you have to go overseas. In fact, there are plenty of romantic Midwest honeymoon destinations, too. Want to know where these spots are? Check out our list below.

11 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Midwest

1. Lead, South Dakota

Regardless of your time of visit, there are always things to do in the mountainous Lead. Visiting in the summer? There are canyons and waterfalls to wonder at. In winter? Enjoy the coziness and ride the snowmobiles.

What about the lodging? No need to worry about it. There is Spearfish Canyon Lodge, an upscale resort that will provide you with your honeymoon needs.

2. Chesterton, Indiana

Feeling adventurous and want to try something new? Why not stay in a place where you are surrounded by the Indiana Dunes? Have a romantic walk with your partner and enjoy the magnificent view the Indiana Dunes has to offer.

3. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Next on our romantic Midwest honeymoon destinations in the Wisconsin Dells. It is a great place to spend a romantic honeymoon, get closer to nature, and forget all your stress.

Although the resort in Wisconsin Dells is tucked in the forest, it has plenty of amenities. From steam rooms, hot tubs, massages to champagne.

4. Door County, Wisconsin

What does Door County offer? A lot, but the most prominent being miles and miles of shoreline. No, really. It is the perfect place if you want to have a romantic walk with your partner.

Not only that, since it is a peninsula situated between Lake Michigan and Green Bay, there are plenty of areas to explore, including parks, woods, and waterfront, among others.

5. Saugatuck, Michigan

Ever been to the Oval Beach? If you haven’t, this will be a good time. If you have already, well, it is still an excellent place to spend your honeymoon days in.

Oval Beach is not the only thing to enjoy in Saugatuck, of course. The lake town itself is charming, perfect for newlyweds who want to make unforgettable memories.

6. French Lick, Indiana

Although beaches are a popular choice when it comes to honeymoon, they are by no means the only options you have. Far from it, you can spend your honeymoon days in towns, too. After all, what matters is how you spend your time. The place can be anywhere.

French Lick is a good option for a honeymoon if you are looking forward to doing lots of fun activities. From playing at the casino to visiting historical sites.

7. Midwest Honeymoon Destinations: The Missouri Ozarks

If you want a place with outstanding views, you want to put the Missouri Ozarks on top of your list. Why? Well because the region has among the most stunning views in the country. Not only will you have unforgettable experiences, but you will also have photos and stories to tell.

8. Lutsen, Minnesota

Considering a lakeside getaway? A lakeside getaway can be an amazing honeymoon, too. And Lutsen is an excellent choice for that. Regardless of the season, the place always has romantic vibes. Everywhere you turn, you can feel the romantic vibes from this scenic location.

9. Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Next on the list is Put-In-Bay, the closest thing to a “beach town” that Northern Ohio has. Interestingly enough, albeit Put-In-Bay is not a beach town, it is on par with most beach towns on the coast. It has swings, fudge shops, and of course, beautiful sunsets.

Another interesting fact about this tiny yet charming village is that there is no car at all. So to reach it, you need to take a ferry.

10. Clear Lake, Iowa

Yes, it is a lake town that has a clear lake. But the beauty of the lake is not the only thing that the town has to offer. There are so many more: a spirited musical community, shows, and song-filled street fairs, among others.

11. Chetek, Wisconsin

Another honeymoon favorite, Chetek’s Canoe Bay is a place where you can have your rustic, romantic getaway. It offers not just cozy cottages to stay in but also various outdoor activities (like canoeing, for example).

So, what do you think? Which one of the Midwest honeymoon destinations piques your interest the most? Whichever it is, we hope you can have your dream honeymoon with your spouse.