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8 Must-Visit Places for Honeymoon in Paris

Are you going on a honeymoon in Paris? "Je t'aime" words of love that you must say when in France. As the capital of France, Paris is famous as a romantic city in the world. Many couples who dream of going to Paris so they look more romantic.

The Eiffel Tower, a Paris landmark, was chosen as the location for the shooting to propose a lover. One of them is like Tom Cruise, a top Hollywood star, who proposed to his girlfriend, Katie Holmes. If you also want to make your partner happy, try coming to the 8 most romantic places for a honeymoon in Paris.

1. Eiffel Tower – The Best Choice for a honeymoon in Paris

Eifel Tower

If you go to Paris, the most important tourist attraction you must visit is the Eiffel Tower. The romantic atmosphere is very supportive at night because the colors of the tower lights make it more solemn. Moreover, there are romantic restaurants that you can find when entering the tower. You can have dinner there on your honeymoon in Paris.

2. River Seine

River Seine

In addition to the Eiffel Tower, the second place that is not less romantic is the river Seine. You can feel the romantic atmosphere when you sail along the Seine with your partner.

But you must be willing to spend more deeply. Same with the Eiffel Tower, some restaurants offer day and night dishes on this sailing ship.

Lunch is cheaper than the evening meal. But if you want a more romantic atmosphere, go there at night for your honeymoon in Paris.

3. Pont des Arts or padlock bridges of love

Pont des Arts or padlock bridges of love

Certainly no stranger to a bridge full of locks bearing the name of a couple from all over the world. You and your partner must come here. Don't forget to write your names on the lock, then attach it to this bridge wire. Throw the key into the river so that the relationship lasts longer, so the legend says.

4. Le Mur des Je T’aime or the Wall of Love

Le Mur des Je T’aime or the Wall of Love

There is another place that is suitable for a date in Paris, the wall of love. You can find 311 Je T’aime words from 250 languages ​​in the world. This place is famous as a meeting place for couples from all over the world. This is a must-visit place for your honeymoon in Paris.

5. Sacrè Cœur – Religious Site for Honeymoon in Paris

acrè Cœur

On the Montmartre Hill on the outskirts of Paris, there is a beautiful church, Sacre Coeur. This baroque architecture church can even be seen from the sidelines of the streets of Paris in the Champs Elysees area.

The church is close to the Pigalle area, the red district in Paris. This is a nightlife district, where there is one of the legendary cabaret clubs, Moulin Rouge.

Enter this area, also through a small alley on either side filled with souvenir stalls that are mostly owned by immigrants from Morocco.

Because the church is located on a hill, the contour road is uphill. To reach the top of the hill, visitors are given a choice, take the stairs with dozens of steps or an outdoor elevator that slopes up like a gondola.

Even though the church, you who are non-Christians can still visit it. Suitable for you to relax, spoiled sitting in the yard around this church.

6. 2CV cars for a classic honeymoon in Paris

2CV cars for a classic honeymoon in Paris

There are many tourist activities that you can do while in Paris, France. Must-try, take a Citroen 2CV antique car around Paris.

Citroen 2CV is operated by Paris Authentic as the operator of the Citroen 2CV, while in Paris. This is an old school car in Paris that has become a rare commodity.

One car can only be filled with 4 people, one next to the driver and two behind. It looks really classic, but still comfortable when sitting in it. You can walk around the center of Paris from the Louvre Museum to near the Eiffel Tower area.

You can also order complete with a driver who will take you around the city. The roof of the car is open, so you can also enjoy the air of Paris and the beautiful sky with your partner. Romantic right?

7. Louvre Museum

Visiting the Louvre Museum is a must for tourists when traveling to Paris, France. The iconic pyramid-shaped museum has indeed become the most visited museum in the entire world.

In 2018 alone, among the 9.6 million visitors who came to visit the Louvre Museum, more than half were tourists. Reported by Travel and Leisure, the Louvre Museum exhibits 38 thousand works and has 422 thousand additional storage.

Not far from the padlock bridge of love, you can also stop by the Louvre Museum. This museum is included in one of the largest museums in the world. You can take photos in front of the museum which has a unique and extraordinary beautiful architecture.

8. Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

For countries that have 4 seasons like France, then summer is the season that all citizens have been waiting for, one of them is in Paris. Because they will enjoy the summer by sitting or hanging out in the park.

And in Paris, there is a park that is so popular that it is Jardin du Luxembourg Garden or Luxembourg Garden. Not only summer, the beauty of this park can be enjoyed, but any season this park can be enjoyed, from winter to winter again.

Located on the border between Saint-Germain-des-Pres and the Latin Quarter, the Jardin du Luxembourg Gardens, inspired by Boboli Gardens in Florence, was created at the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici in 1612.

The gardens, which cover 25 hectares of land, are divided into French gardens and English gardens. In between, stretches of geometric forests and large ponds. There is also a garden with a variety of old and forgotten apples, beekeeping for you to learn about, and a greenhouse with an amazing collection of orchids and rose gardens.

This tourist spot is fun because it's free. You and your partner can spend time together, especially in the morning and evening. Sunlight and the air are quite soothing. So romantic to spend time together.

So, what do you think? Which place is your favorite? Now you can think more than Eiffel Tower when you are about to go for a honeymoon in Paris.