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6 Top Places to Visit during New Zealand Honeymoon Trip

HoneymoondestinationsWhether you plan to have adventurous experiences or romantic getaways, New Zealand honeymoon trip is what you need. You will never forget the romantic experience in this place as it is rich with culture as well. Moreover, the breathtaking natural views will make you and your spouse want to come back again.


The stunning landscape which consists of mountains, volcanoes, farmland, grassland, beaches, and even glaciers provides numerous nice spots to explore by couples. The pristine nature of New Zealand beaches will catch couples’ hearts when they have a honeymoon trip here. 

6 Best New Zealand honeymoon Trip Destinations

New Zealand is home to numerous fascinating spits for a romantic getaway. There are many fun activities to spend with your spouse including strolling around the city, visiting Hobbiton, enjoying beaches, and admiring the natural wonders. Below are several top destinations honeymooners can visit in New Zealand.

1. Auckland

New Zealand Honeymoon Trip auckland

As the largest city in New Zealand, it offers various honeymoon destinations. Couples like to visit this city on their honeymoon trip because it has mild temperatures and rarely has extreme climates. Here, couples can sightsee the magnificent harbor with its numerous yacht and sailboat on the dock.

Viaduct Harbor is one destination that has a stunning coastal view. You can discover many restaurants, cafes, and bars in this location, a perfect spot for trying the tantalizing local cuisines. It is easier to find well-rated hotels if you looking for honeymoon stays in Auckland. 

2. Takaka

New Zealand Honeymoon Trip takaka

Many couples claim Takake as the best honeymoon spot in New Zealand because it not only has uniquely amazing views but also easy access to several main attractions in the country. Takaka is widely known for its pristine water, golden sands, and lushly forested lands. 

Honeymooners like to go to the beach and rent a kayak to explore the nearby private islands. There is also famous Puppy Springs where discover the clearest water on the land. 

3. Dunedin 

New Zealand Honeymoon Trip dunedin

Another ideal destination for honeymooners in New Zealand is Dunedin. It offers activities for couples who want to experience something adventurous or relaxing. There are many options to do at Dunedin. Either strolling on deserted beaches or hiking near the coast will be memorable. 

Try some good foods at the closest bar or cafes here. Then, take some pictures with the Dunedin backdrop with your spouse. There are also unspoiled beaches and waterfalls that are worth visiting.

4. Rotorua


Another favorite destination for New Zealand honeymoon trip is Rotorua. The raw nature and geothermal fields in this place will put you amazed. Rotoroa is famous for its active geysers, mud pools, silica terraces that form different amazing natural color palletes. 

You can discover the Maori culture in this location or trying some challenging activities here. For more discovery experience, you can explore the redwood forest, visiting crustal water springs, or admiring the beauty of green and blue lakes. There are various accommodations in the town or near the lake. 

5. Hobbiton

New Zealand Honeymoon Trip hobbiton

Get a movie-liked experience by visiting the famous attraction that has drawn people across the world to come into New Zealand. It is none other than a Hobbiton inspired by Lord of the Rings movie. It gives you experience traveling in the Middle-earth as well as the movie set.

There will be a guide that will accompany you during the walk and explaining how this location was built. Come into the Green Dragon Inn and you will have a chance to taste the hobbit beverage. There is also a beautiful resort near the Hobbiton called Lake Karapiro that can be a honeymoon stay. 

6. Queenstown

New Zealand Honeymoon Trip queenstown

Located in the Southern lakes region of New Zealand, Queenstown is encircled with magnificent mountains as well as close enough to Lake Wakatipu. This place is actually a favorite of couples who are craving adventurous activities. There are hundreds of challenging activities available here. 

Couples can experience many water activities such as skiing and jet boating while enjoying the scenic spots worldwide. Go to the mountain and challenge your adrenaline by riding the skyline gondola or bungee jumping. You can choose to try parachutes from that magnificent mountain and enjoy a gourmet burger. 

Those destinations should be put into your New Zealand honeymoon trip itinerary. Those destinations offer memorable memory that you cannot get from other places with their stunning natures and fun things to do together.