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7 Romantic Places to Visit in Your Sardinia Honeymoon

Considering a Sardinia honeymoon? If you are looking for a place to spend your honeymoon with your spouse, the Island of Sardinia is certainly among the best places to choose.

How could it not? The island is full of gorgeous white-sand beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, lush countryside, and delicious foods. Not to mention plenty of historical sites, too. Below, we listed 7 of the most romantic places on the island.

7 Romantic Places in the Island of Sardinia

1. Castelsardo

Castelsardo is an old, small-town situated in the northwest of Sardinia. What does the town have to offer, you ask? It offers beautiful medieval architecture, amazing beaches, and natural landscapes.

If you visit the town, be sure to go to the castle and witness the gorgeous panorama of the Island of Sardinia. Oh, and don’t forget to take a pic of La Roccia dell’Elefante, too.

2. Cagliari

Although the beaches and natural landscapes of the island of Sardinia are absolutely stunning, they are by no means the only things that the island offers. There are many more. One of them is the city of Cagliari.

Cagliari is the capital city of the island. Albeit it is the island’s largest city, it retains its old-world charm and laid-back vibes, making it an ideal romantic place for newlyweds.

There are so many things to do and see in Cagliari. From the hilltop citadel known as Il Castello, Cathedral of Santa Maria, and palaces, to panoramic sunsets.

3. Cala Goloritze

Imagine a beach with clear and transparent water surrounded by uniquely shaped rocks. That’s what Cala Goloritze is in a nutshell. It is a small yet stunning beach in Sardinia. If you love beaches and adventure, you don’t want to miss this beach on your Sardinia honeymoon.

The beach is so stunning that it is not an overstatement to say that the small beach is among the most beautiful small bays in the Mediterranean.

The easiest way to reach the Cala Goloritze is by sea, which allows you to indulge your eyes in the beautiful turquoise sea. Feeling adventurous? Take the charted downhill path to reach the beach in an hour or so.

4. La Casitta

Ever wonder how lunch with your spouse on a private island would taste like? Wonder no more. Sardinia has that too. Just go to La Casitta, a small island in Sardinia, and enjoy an unforgettable private island experience.

On the almost uninhabited island's secluded restaurant, you can taste the delicious foods and wines of Sardegna. How do you reach the place? Either by boat or helicopter. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

5. La Maddalena

If watching the sunset together with your spouse is on your to-do list during your honeymoon, the La Maddalena archipelago is among the best places to visit. It is an archipelago consisting of 68 small islands and islets, with the largest being the La Maddalena.

As you sail to the archipelago, you will see breathtaking views of gorgeous transparent waters, white beaches, and lots of small islands and islets in the distance. The bonus? You can enjoy all these in peace.

6. Sardinia Honeymoon for Adventurers: Gola Su Gorropu

Next on the list is a romantic place for adventurous couples: Gola Su Gorropu. Known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, Gola Su Gorropu is a dramatic canyon located in the one of Mediterranean’s most beautiful national parks.

On the canyon, you can see a lot of things, from green rivers, granite mountains, prehistoric tombs, to the ruins of Nuragic civilizations.

If you are planning to visit Gola Su Gorropu, prepare for an adventure. Make sure to bring enough water, trekking shoes, and a lunch box.

7. Capo Spartivento

For a truly unique Sardinia honeymoon experience, go to the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento. This lighthouse is not like others. It offers accommodation for guests, allowing you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Capo Spartivento with your loved one.

Bonus: you can have a romantic walk in the area with your spouse. The panorama is absolutely beautiful, especially in the evening.

The island of Sardinia attracts all kinds of tourists, including the newlyweds. This isn’t surprising at all. After all, the island has plenty of romantic places for lovers who want to spend their quality time together. So, what do you think? Which of the places above will you visit on your Sardinia honeymoon?