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7 Activities To Do In Honeymoon Island State Park

There are two islands in Florida that are the paradise you should visit during the honeymoon trip. Those islands are Honeymoon Island State Park and Caladesi Island. You can reach this island from Clearwater that is just 8.3 miles or 18 minutes away.

Honeymoon Island State Park

Some other cities that are close to this island are Tampa (29.1 miles/44 minutes away), St. Petersburg (29.2 miles/44 minutes away), Orlando (112.3 miles/2 hours away), Miami (294 miles/4 hours 30 minutes away). Ready to explore the best honeymoon destination in Florida?

Fantastic Activities in Honeymoon Island State Park

The name of this island makes it perfect for couples who want to enjoy a peaceful honeymoon. But, what to do when you finally reach the island? Where to stay and where to get a romantic dinner with your partner?

1. Hiking

Honeymoon Island State Park hiking

Osprey Trail is an awesome hiking trail you can find on Honeymoon Island. Walk for 2.5 miles and observe the local nature like raccoons, owls, and birds between the virgin pine. But before you start, get your bug spray ready since the trail has the hungriest and largest mosquitoes on earth.

If you hike in summer, you will get the chance to see some gorgeous flowers bloom. Birds of prey, mammals, reptiles, and migrating birds can be found easily in this hiking trail. Check out the Osprey Trail map and trail information before you start hiking with your loved one.

2. Paddling

paddling Honeymoon Island State Park

All visitors of the Honeymoon Island are allowed to bring their own paddleboard or kayak to the island. You need to explore the island’s shore or even go to Caladesi Island. Paddling to Caladesi Island is the best adventure you will get with your life partner.

If it is impossible for you to bring your own paddleboard or kayak, there are rentals for paddleboard and kayak you can find easily at the Dunedin Causeway.

3. Visiting Rotary Centennial Nature Center

Honeymoon Island State Park

Rotary Centennial Nature Center has an excellent viewing deck that is facing the Saint Joseph Sound. This is a brilliant observation spot where you can watch the low tide of the waters when the birds come in and try to get some fish to eat.

If you need details about the plant and animal species, feel free to ask the staff on hand who know everything about the center and will be happy to give you all details you want to know. There are also ranger led walks if you are interested to know more about the nature here.

4. Wildlife Viewing

Honeymoon Island State Park wildlife viewing

Honeymoon Island State Park has become a perfect home to so many birds such as snowy plovers, terns, oystercatchers, and especially osprey. Some other species you can find along the bay, estuaries, and beaches around the park are snowy egrets, roseate spoonbills, and great blue herons.

If you and your partner love animals so much, Honeymoon Island is the right destination since there will be armadillos and gopher tortoises you can find easily. Dolphins and manatees can also be found really close to the shore.

5. Watching the romantic sunset

Honeymoon Island State Park romantic sunset

Sunset lovers must visit Honeymoon Island during the honeymoon trip. The sunset here is epic with the combination of blues, oranges, purples and pinks that all swell and fade just like the breathing watercolors when the sun descends.

Sunset watching can be done at the main beach of the island or at the pet beach if you are traveling with your furry babies. Keep your eyes on your pets while they are playing around and while you are watching the sun leaving the earth with the most important one sitting next to you.

6. Staying at B&B Service

Honeymoon Island State Park

Beyond The Wall is a B&B service that offers amazing accommodation with extra immaculate room. The B&B is located in a very perfect place, outside downtown. The house has white and baby blue color and is made of wood. You’ll feel extremely peaceful during your stay here.

If you want an accommodation that has more facilities, consider Meranova Guest Inn that is located extremely close to the Dunedin Marina. This B&B service has a bar, stunning views, and outdoor swimming pool. The rooms have a terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful views.

7. Enjoying Romantic Dinners

Honeymoon Island State Park dinners

Enjoy your most romantic dinners in Honeymoon Island State Park in one of four most famous cafes and restaurants. There is The Cafe Honeymoon, South Beach Pavillion Cafe, Frenchy’s Outpost, and Casa Tina Mexican. The last one is perfect for meat lovers, vegan, and vegetarian.

Ready to plan your honeymoon to Honeymoon Island? Better start now!