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5 Best Hotels in Positano for Honeymoon

All the honeymooners want to stay in the most romantic hotel. Fortunately, there are beautiful and best hotels in Positano for honeymoon. You should know the names of those hotels now. When the pandemic is over, plan your most romantic honeymoon in Positano, Italy.

These hotels you are about to see below are the most romantic ones that have the most gorgeous views and outstanding hotel design. Enjoy the service provided by those romantic hotels and take as many fantastic photos during your honeymoon to collect many unforgettable memories.

The Best Hotels in Positano for Honeymoon for the Newlyweds

Among so many romantic hotels in Italy, these are the best options you must consider. Pick one of these hotels and add it to your honeymoon plan. Book the most romantic room for your upcoming honeymoon.

1. Le Sirenuse

This hotel is built into the Positano’s southwest steep. Le Sirenuse hotel has a facade in oxblood color. It is high enough to command the most gorgeous sew views. If you want to visit the dark sand beach around the resort, you will have to spend only 10 minutes walking to reach the beach.

The arts and antique furniture collection has eclectic design that helps this hotel retain the private home atmosphere. The outdoor pool is surrounded by huge potted plants that will make you feel like you are in the right place with the right person.

The interior of the hotel is light and fresh, and it is enhanced by the large sized French windows that are opening onto the terraces that are so broad.

2. Il San Pietro di Positano

The other best hotels in Positano for honeymoon you can consider for your upcoming honeymoon trip is the Il San Pietro di Positano. This hotel is known as a famous hotel since Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and many other stars frequently visit this hotel. The hotel has a great reputation.

This hotel has some bedrooms and terraces that overlook the village. Around the hotel there is a deep blue sea that makes this hotel become the best place for those who are looking for quiet and peace. However, you can reach the restaurants and bars easily by the hotel’s shuttle bus.

Here you will find a Michelin starred restaurant, bar that has a spectacular terrace, gardens with fabulous terrace, a tennis court, a private beach, spa, as well as a restaurant with a casual chic design.

3. Palazzo Murat

Palazzo Murat’s position is perfect for a honeymoon. It also has a lush and exotic garden that is completed with a small sized pool. Walk down the hill and you will find boutiques, souvenir shops, and art galleries. At the end, you will find the main beach.

The L shaped Palazzo was the home to the king of Naples named Joachim Murat who was also the brother in law of Napoleon. The hotel has a grandeur atmosphere, especially in the public rooms that are vaulted and are completed with fine paintings and antiques.

The large sized rooms in the Palazzo’s original part are all furnished with 4 poster beds, opulent fabrics, and antiques. Those grand rooms also have tall French windows that open onto balconies.

4. Hotel Le Agavi

Among so many best hotels in Positano for honeymoon, there is Hotel Le Agavi that has a private beach. Some rooms in this hotel have panoramic views and stunning views over the ocean. The hotel’s extra special feature is the in house funicular that runs across terraced rooms’ 11 levels.

This hotel is the most incredible place for your honeymoon trip with your loved one, especially if you love enjoying stunning views from the hotel’s heated pool. The furniture used in this hotel has shabby chic design, complete with white and neutral colored fabric on the balconies and the restaurants.

Sitting in the balcony or enjoying candlelight dinner will never be boring though you keep seeing the blue sea around the hotel.

5. Villa Treville

Villa Treville hotel is where you can experience the total luxury. The suites are smartly decorated. The hotel itself is named after famous guests and previous owners. The hotel has private gardens, a beautiful restaurant, plunge pools, and picturesque terraces where you can relax.

Pick one between the best hotels in Positano for honeymoon above and enjoy your most romantic stay in the most romantic hotel.