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6 Best Honeymoon South America Destinations for Couples

South America can be the best place for honeymoon. It is the most wonderful destination for those looking for adventure. Your best honeymoon South America will be accompanied by palm fringed beach and good local foods.

Honeymoon is deeply personal and special. You should find the right destination to spend the most beautiful and unforgettable moments with your loved one. Fortunately, South America has so many destinations for all couples looking for the most memorable honeymoon ever.

Best Honeymoon South America Destinations to Consider

Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and some other states in South America are offering the most incredible places for the honeymooners. Here are some excellent honeymoon ideas for couples who are planning the best honeymoon trip to South America.

1. Uruguay to start the honeymoon adventure

South America has some smallest countries, one of them is Uruguay. This is the most favorite honeymoon spot that should be in your itinerary. The capital, Montevideo, has a bunch of street art and life. Uruguay is where your romantic honeymoon in South America should start.

The best places to visit in Uruguay are the relaxed towns such as Jose Ignacio and Garzon. In those towns, you can taste fresh seafood that is extremely delicious and taste the simple living. If you love surfing or kite surfing, visit Cabo Polonia which is a home to remote beaches.

2. Argentina and its romantic side

Buenos Aires of Aregtina is the Paris of South America. This city has rooftop bars, cobbled streets, and also world class restaurants where you can enjoy the most romantic dinner with your life partner. Boutique luxury can also be found in Argentina.

Palermo is offering the contemporary vibe while San Telmo is providing history. Argentina’s other areas are offering snow dusted volcanoes, rolling vineyards, and glacial lakes. Estancia La Violeta is a small gem that has 5 gorgeous rooms as well as delicious homemad food you should try.

3. Chile and a more beautiful honeymoon trip

Chile has some luxury lodges you will love. Actually, Chile is one of the best honeymoon South America destinations you should never skip. There is Barraco Lodge, Wara Nomade, and Tierra Patagonia where you can enjoy the most luxurious honeymoon stays.

Tierra Patagonia is where you can stay while enjoying the panoramic views of the Torres del Paine National Park. The Wara Nomade has tented style rooms that will give you the boho feel. While you are in Chile, don’t forget to sip on the Pisco Sours before you have your most romantic candelight dinner.

4. Peru and the Andean

You should also consider visiting Peru. Sol y Luna that is located in the Sacred Valley will give you beathtaking and peaceful moments. Take the Andean Explorer trip, this is a train journey that will bring you through the Andes foothilss from Cusco to Arequipa.

Peru also offers deluxe cabins for couples, romantic candelit dinners, as well as gorgeous views that will make your honeymoon trip much more perfect and unforgettable. Then you can continue to the next destination.

5. Belize and its top honeymoon destinations

Belize is a home of incredible rainforest and beautiful beaches. What can you do during your honeymoon trip in Belize? First, explore the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. The best place to stay in Belize is the romantic tree houses.

Tree houses are not the real houses built on the tree. Those tree houses are the most natural places to stay since they’re all made of pure woods and located in the middle of the greeneries and surrounded by crystal clear pools. You’re going to love the romantic vibe provided by the tree houses.

6. Brazil and a unique vacations for honeymooners

Brazil is one of the best honeymoon South America destinations for couples. Brazil is where you can go snorkeling, enjoy your leisurely stay on a wonderful beach, or explore the rainforests. A bunch of incredible things can be done in Brazil.

Glamping rentals are available. Some of them are rustic and hidden in the middle of the rainforest. Some others are in front of the beach. If you’re done exploring Brazil, visit some other places in South America, like Machu Picchu that is consider as the end of the world.

You’re going to need months to explore South America. But plan your honeymoon trip as simple as possible and make sure both of you can experience the best honeymoon trip ever.