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8 Awesome Things at Alaska Honeymoon Cruises

If you want something awesome for a honeymoon, consider the Alaska honeymoon cruises. Instead of booking a hotel, a honeymoon cruise is a much better option. There are so many romantic things you can experience with your loved one during the honeymoon.

Things To Do In Alaska Honeymoon Cruises

Can you imagine how romantic your honeymoon trip on an Alaskan cruise would be? If you don’t have any picture about how it will go, here are some details about extremely fun things you can do during your honeymoon.

1. Enjoy the views from balconied room

Choose the balcony room when you book your honeymoon cruise. The room is roomier than the standard one and you can sit on your balcony. Keep the windows open at night and let the moon shine through the balcony to your cozy room. These will be your most beautiful nights.

You can also enjoy the gorgeous views of the ocean and sky on your balcony. You may get the most perfect sunset views from the balcony.

2. Everything packed in a package

Honeymoon cruise is actually the best honeymoon option for couples who don’t want to get stressed during the honeymoon. Everything is available on board, from spa treatments, entertainment, different types of dining, and so many activities.

What makes a honeymoon cruise more special is that almost all things are included in the price. All the foods are delicious, freshly cooked and baked on the ship.

3. All couples can visit some different destinations

You won’t spend all day on the ship. Everyone can visit some different cities and even explore in a much easier way. Everyone can go explore at the ports. You will see and explore all the brightly colored towns. There, you will have so many things to do.

For example, you can get train tours that will take you to Canada, helicopter tours onto the glacier, salmon baked in the mining town, whale watching while enjoying sunset dinners, and many more things. The good news is you don’t need to unpack and pack, leave all your stuff in your room on the ship.

4. Renew yourself with couples massages

Alaska honeymoon cruises are the best answer if both of you love massages. Some cruises offer massages, scrubs, facials, and body wraps at their cruise spa. You can opt for stone massage, chocolate massage, or the other massage services provided by cruise.

A honeymoon cruise offers a chocolate massage with two different chocolate types that smell excellent. No matter what kind of massage provided by the ship, make sure you try the massages and let them help you to get more relaxed during the honeymoon trip.

5. Amazing foods you should never miss

Some cruises offer various restaurant and food options, such as deluxe restaurants, grills and cafes, room service, and buffets that will change daily. You can order pizza, fried, and burgers anytime. You can also request a totally romantic dinner for you and your loved one.

Also, you can find lounges and bars clubs where both of you can find delicious drinks, dance, and do whatever you want. The cruise is also a nice place to make new friends while enjoying the foods and beverages that are served to you.

6. Special breakfast on your balcony

In the morning you cruise into the glacier bay, you better order your most favorite breakfast through the room service. Enjoy the gorgeous glaciers while enjoying breakfast on the balcony. You can wear your fluffy robes and you’ll feel like you’re the luckiest people on earth.

7. Watch the amazing northern lights

Alaska honeymoon cruises are what you need if you really want to watch the northern lights. Just make sure you choose the right time when the northern lights can be seen from the cruise. Have dinner with your loved one and set up your camp with some other guests right on top of the ship.

Then you will see the colorful rays appearing and shining up from the back of the mountains in Alaska. This is not just magical but also romantic at once. Get your tripod and camera ready if you want to show the northern lights to friends and family at home.

8. Various date night options

Every night is going to be the most romantic night for you and your loved one. There are dozens of things to do on the ship like enjoying the live music, game shows, movies, mini golf, and many other things. You’ll really love your trip during the Alaska honeymoon cruises.