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5 Must Try Romantic Zanzibar Honeymoon Ideas

Looking for a romantic island for your romantic honeymoon? Then start planning your Zanzibar honeymoon trip. Zanzibar Island is a thrilling honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. The island has a fascinating history combined with stunning natural beauty that will make your honeymoon unique.

Elegant modern villas and secluded beaches are only some gems you’ll find in Zanzibar Island. There are Arabian styled boutique hotels and sundowner dhow cruises welcoming your luxury honeymoon in Zanzibar. Its Stone Town is also an amazing destination for your upcoming honeymoon.

Highlights of the Luxury Zanzibar Honeymoon

Your honeymoon trip to Zanzibar Island will always stay in your heart. There are various things you can do with your loved one, beautiful places to visit, and romantic moments you’ll collect. Below are some things you’d love to experience when you are in Zanzibar.

1. Explore the Ras Kizimkazi

Ras Kizimkazi offers beautiful views and refreshing waters. Swimming with the dolphins and scuba diving are some awesome experiences you can get off Ras Kizimkazi. Ras Kizimkazi itself is a corner of southwestern Zanzibar that is rarely visited.

You’ll find quiet lodges and ultra exclusive honeymoon in Ras Kizimkazi. There are two small villages to visit: Kizimkazi Dimbani and Kizimkazi Mkunguni. When visiting Kizimkazi Mkunguni, you’ll want to try the boat trips and see the resident humpback and bottlenose dolphins.

If you want to see the dolphins and swim with them, visit Ras Kizimkazi between October and February. The locals would love to rent their boats all day long and you can swim with the dolphins anytime.

2. Romantic and historical moment in Mtoni Palace

Candlelight dinner is the most romantic thing to do on every honeymoon. This can be much more romantic and unforgettable if you have the candlelight dinner in the ruins of Mtoni Palace. Mtoni Palace is away from the hustle and heat of Zanzibar Town and it overlooks the coast.

The palace was built in 1828 for Sultan Seyyid Said. It was a home to the only legitimate wife of the sultan, his secondary wives, as well as his children. Mtoni Palace was a gorgeous building with balconies exterior, spacious garden courtyard with gazelles and peacocks.

It may be just a ruin today with arabesque arches and roofless halls but the ruin frames the azure sea and tropical foliage. It will be the best background for your romantic dinner.

3. Checking out the Stone Town in your Zanzibar honeymoon

Stone Town is Zanzibar Island’s central point. The location of this town is off the coast. It has a sheltered harbor that turned the town from a fishing village into a crowded trading center. The town is where you can find a mix of colonial, African, and Arabic styles packed into a city.

Taking a walking tour with a guide, admiring the intricate doors, visiting Freddie Mercury’s birthplace, admiring the old fort, and visiting the House of Wonders are some fun things to do when visiting the Stone Town. Don’t skip the rooftop restaurants for a romantic lunch or dinner with your partner.

If your loved one loves some historical sites, your honeymoon trip to Stone Town will be the most impressive trip for both of you.

4. Taste all the local and authentic Zanzibar dishes

Taste the history of the island by eating all the authentic Zanzibar dishes together. This may be a brand new experience for both of you but this experience will be one of the best. There is Zanzibar pizza that doesn’t look like a pizza but more like a pupusa or pancake. You can get the sweet or spicy one.

Try Pilau and Biryani during your Zanzibar honeymoon. Those are traditional rice dishes you can find on the island. Biryani is made by cooking the rice separately from the sauce and meat. Pilau is made by cooking the rice along with many other ingredients in one pot. Which one will you try first?

Some other dishes to try are Urojo Soup made of flour, lemon, and mango; Mishkaki which is a dish made with octopus; and Zanzibar tea that is made with a blend of spices.

5. Enjoy the nature at the Jozani Forest

If you want to get closer to nature, visit the Jozani Forest where you can meet the black and white monkeys that have red backs. Monkeys are not the only animal living in the forest. You’ll also see some unique butterflies and gorgeous birds in the forest.

The park is open for visitors every day. The entrance fee is just USD 8 and it includes a brief tour. Go to this forest when you are heading from Paje Beach to Stone Town. Tanzania has many national parks. But the best place to see the unique wildlife is Zanzibar island.

Make sure those five places above are in your Zanzibar honeymoon itinerary. Get your camera with you because gorgeous things in Zanzibar should never be forgotten.