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5 Destinations in One South Korea Honeymoon Package

South Korea is a famous country. So many couples would love to plan their honeymoon to South Korea. If you are interested in traveling to South Korea during the honeymoon, check out some available South Korea honeymoon package and enjoy the best visit to South Korea with your best partner.

All honeymooners are free to plan their honeymoon to South Korea. They can go explore South Korea by themselves or book a honeymoon package tour so they don’t have to think about how to reach beautiful honeymoon destinations in South Korea.

South Korea Honeymoon Package for Couples

Honeymoon package in South Korea will bring you to gorgeous destinations across the country for five days. The meeting point is at the airport. The tour will be conducted in Chinese and English. If you need a guide in another language, you should tell the honeymoon tour provider.

The honeymoon package tour will include:

  • Vehicle, van for 6 people and minibus for 7 to 11 people. If there are many more people joining the honeymoon tour, the bus will be used.
  • Entrance fees to all destinations.
  • Three dinner packages and 4 dinner packages.
  • Accommodation for 4 nights.

The honeymoon package will bring you to some famous destinations in South Korea. Those destinations are located in Ganghwa, Paju, and Seoul. Below are some common destinations to visit during the honeymoon tours:

1. Gwangmyeong Cave

What is so romantic about a cave? Gwangmyeong Cave is not just a cave. It has a Wine Cave, Wine Cellar where you can taste unique wine, and a Wine Restaurant where you can have a romantic lunch or dinner with your loved one.

This cave was actually developed as a golden mine. Now you can visit this cave with your partner and see how cool a gold mine is. Around the cave, there is also the Golden Palace and Golden Room. You can also take a look at the Cave Art Center and Cave Aqua World.

2. Dongmak Beach

South Korea honeymoon package also includes a trip to Dongmak Beach. This beach is located in Hwado-myeon, Incheon. This beach has coastal scenery that is so beautiful and it connects Dongmak-ri with Janghwa-ri. This beach will be visited at the end of day one.

Since you will visit the beach at the end of the day, both of you and your partner will have a chance to witness a gorgeous sunset in South Korea. This will be one of your beautiful honeymoon moments you can never forget.

3. Namsan Seoul Tower

YTN Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower) is actually an observation and communication tower that is located on the Namsan Mountain, Central Seoul. The height of this tower is 236 meter tall.

The romantic thing about this tower is the Love Padlocks. Couples usually purchase a key and a padlock. The padlock will be secured on the fences that are filled with previous participant’s locks. This one is extremely similar to the Pont Neuf bridge that is located in Paris, France.

4. Cheonggyecheon Stream

So many people would love to visit this stream when travelling with a South Korea honeymoon package. This stream has a bunch of attractions that make it perfect for adults and children. People usually go to this stream to hang out, relax, bond, or to learn something about the local communities.

Some art can be found in the Cheonggyecheon Stream, between the Beodeuldari Bridge and Ogansugyo Bridge. There is a wall that details the history of this stream. The art was made of paintings. Around the stream, there are also places for you to find and eat Korean original foods.

5. Lotte World

Yes, you will have a chance to visit the biggest indoor theme park in South Korea. Lotte World also has Magic Island which is an outdoor amusement park. It looks like an artificial island that is located inside a lake that is linked by shopping malls, monorail, folk museum, luxury hotel, and other attractions.

Lotte World receives up to 7.3 million visitors every year since it was opened on July 12, 1989. The amusement park has an Adventure part that is divided into 4 main floors. Explore them all before you run out of time and you have to go to another destination for a South Korea honeymoon package.