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7 Honeymoon Destinations US Virgin Islands to Put on Your Must-Visit List

Where should you spend your honeymoon? That’s a tough question. But if you are looking for a place that offers a little bit of everything for your honeymoon, the U.S. Virgin Islands is a good option. To make your planning a bit easier, we listed 7 honeymoon destinations US Virgin Islands just for you.

From nature wonders like white-sand beaches, snorkeling and diving sites to historical sites and busy shopping centers, the islands have it all. Alright, with no further ado, here’s the list.

7 Destinations in the U.S. Virgin Islands for Your Honeymoon

1. Mountain and Top Drake’s Seat (St. Thomas)

If you go to Mountain Top and Drake’s Seat, you will be able to get the views of the U.S. Virgin Islands in all directions. Get to the Mountain Top and see the surrounding islands (about 20 in total) from 1,500 feet high.

When you go to St. Thomas island, these are among the places that you definitely don’t want to miss.

2. Red Hook (St. Thomas)

The next on our list of honeymoon destinations US Virgin Islands is Red Hook. The views from Mountain Top and Drake’s Seat are incredible. But so are the views of Red Hook, a town on the eastern part of St. Thomas island.

Here in the town, you can eat delicious food, enjoy its drinking scenes, and of course, listen to the vibrant music.

3. Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline (St. Thomas)

Beautiful views from above, a vibrant town, what else does St. Thomas have? A rainforest. And what better way to enjoy the rainforest of St. Thomas than to zip-line above it?

If you are looking for a thrill and something very exciting to do with your spouse, go to Tre Limin’ Extreme Zipline and take the 2.5-hour zip-line tour.

4. Trunk Bay (St. John)

During your stay on St. John island, don’t forget to see Trunk Bay. It is a stunning beach stretching for a quarter of a mile. Since it is a part of the national park, you have to to pay an entrance fee to enter Trunk Bay. But don’t worry, what you will see on the beach is definitely worth every penny.

If you are an advanced diver, you can go to Carvel Rock and see the abundant underwater life of Trunk Bay.

5. The Parrot Club (St. John)

Don’t know what to do in the afternoon? Why not go to Cruz Bay, St. John’s main town as well as its entry and exit point? After dinner, drink on the waterfront, try your luck playing blackjack at the Parrot Club, or both.

6. Cruzan Rum Distillery (St. Croix)

When we say the U.S. Virgin Islands offers a little bit of everything, we really mean it. One of the things that the islands offer is Cruzan Rum Distillery. Visit Frederiksted’s Cruzan rum distillery and learn about its local traditions.

The tour to the distillery is inexpensive and fun. It is a great way to learn about the history of rum in the Caribbean as well as the culture of the islands.

7. Honeymoon Destinations US Virgin Islands: Buck Island (St. Croix)

You and your spouse are a beach-loving couple? Then head to Buck Island from St. Croix and enjoy the pristine beaches. The beaches are quiet, so you can have a romantic walk with your spouse without anything getting in your way.

When to Go

The U.S. Virgin Islands are situated in the Caribbean. As such, just like most places in the Caribbean, it is subject to the Atlantic hurricane season that occurs from June to November.

If you want to visit the island, we suggest you do it either in the spring or early summer. During this period, the humidity and temperatures haven’t reach stifling levels yet, allowing you to enjoy what the islands have to offer.

Getting There and Around

The main airport for the islands is the Cyril E. King International Airport. It is located on the south-central part of St. Thomas island, approx. 10 minutes drive away from Charlotte Amalie. From the airport, you can book a taxi, arrange a shuttle, rent a car, or use public transportation to get around the islands.

As we said earlier, the islands have a little bit of everything. If you and your spouse spend your honeymoon on the islands, you two will not run out of things to do. So, which honeymoon destinations US Virgin Islands above do you want to visit?