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Check Out These 8 Dominican Republic Honeymoon Destinations

What’s on your honeymoon agenda? Are beaches with white sand, tropical waterfalls, tranquil towns on the list? If so, consider spending your honeymoon in the Dominic Republic. To show you what the island country has to offer for honeymooners is, we listed 8 Dominican Republic honeymoon destinations.

8 Honeymoon Destinations in the Dominican Republic

1. Bahia de Las Aguilas

Bahia Las Aguillas is an excellent destination if you want a quiet beach getaway. The pristine beach stretches for eight kilometers. With no crowd to bother you, you can have a tranquil quality time enjoying the calm, gorgeous water with your loved one.

Since the beach is quite remote, you won’t find any luxury resorts here. Accommodations are limited, too.

2. Bavaro Beach

When you imagine a tropical beach, what kind of image comes to your mind? Is it a long stretch of white sand and emerald water? If so, then you just describe Bavaro Beach to a T.

You can have a long romantic walk with your spouse here while gazing at the beautiful ocean. Along the beach, there are various kinds of resorts ready to provide you with your needs.

Do keep in mind that Bavaro Beach is a tourist hot spot, so don’t expect a quiet beach getaway.

3. Dominican Republic Honeymoon Destinations: 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua

Feeling adventurous? Head to 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua, then. Yes, you read it right. Not one, two, or three. It has a total of 27 waterfalls.

Although climbing up to the complex won’t be easy, it will be worth every drop of sweat. Since the journey will be full of action, make a preparation beforehand.

4. Las Galeras

Perhaps you want to spend your honeymoon days in a quieter setting away from the tourist scene and busy streets? In that case, the small town of Las Galeras will suit you well. The town is remote, but the turquoise water and white-sand beaches that await make the trip worthwhile.

There are also various restaurants in the town, so you can indulge in the delicious cuisine they offer.

5. Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a unique city. Albeit it is a busy city, it still retains its peaceful and laid-back vibe. If you want to get closer to Dominican culture while enjoying the convenience that the city offers, Las Terrenas is your go-to honeymoon destination.

Better still, the town also has an amazing beach destination, lots of restaurants, and inns.

6. Isla Saona

If we are to describe Isla Saona in one word, that will be gorgeous. This island is a tropical island paradise. Well, at least it looks like how most people would imagine. It is not a surprise if it becomes a tourist magnet.

If you want a lively honeymoon destination, the Isla Saona is an excellent choice. Do keep in mind that, albeit it is a tourist magnet, the island has no resort at all.

7. Jarabacoa

If you and your spouse are lovers of nature and adventures, you’d want to put Jarabacoa on your list. Why? Because in Jarabacoa, you can do various outdoor activities. From biking, hiking, to rafting. It is basically an outdoor adventure playground.

Since Jarabacoa is situated 500 meters above sea level, it has a milder climate. The nights can often be cool, too. Jarabacoa is a must-visit, especially if you plan to spend a week or two in the Dominican Republic.

8. Puerto Plata

Riding a cable car is fun. Especially so if what is underneath is the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. You’d be treated with amazing views that you won’t forget.

If you want this experience, just head to Puerto Plata and take a ride in a cable car. As you ascend to almost 800 meters from sea level, you will be able to feel the changing climate, from the sea’s steamy heat to breezes of cool air.

When to Visit

You can visit the Dominican Republic anytime you want. That being said, there are best times to do so. Between mid-December and mid-April as well as between June and August are the peak tourist season. If you visit the country during these times, expect crowds.

If you want a less crowded time, visit the country anywhere from August to December and April to June.

If you are looking gorgeous beaches, outdoor playgrounds, and interesting towns for your honeymoon, the Dominican Republic is your best bet. So, what do you think? Which Dominican Republic honeymoon destinations above interest you the most?