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5 Best Places to Stay in Amalfi Coast for Honeymoon

The Amalfi coast that is located in Italy is the most gorgeous honeymoon you should consider to visit. The coast is full of the best places to stay in Amalfi Coast for honeymoon. There are colorful towns and rugged mountains behind the coast and sparkling blue seas in front of the coast.

If you want to visit Amalfi Coast, July and August will be the best months since the weather is warmer. January and February are the coolest months of the coast. The average high temperature in July and August is 27 degree Celsius while the lowest temperature in January and February is 10 degree Celsius.

Most Romantic and Best Places to Stay in Amalfi Coast for Honeymoon

There are so many things you can do during the honeymoon trip to Amalfi Coast. Visiting Sorrento Town, Valle Delle Ferriere waterfalls, and Maiori Beaches will be some awesome activities to do with your loved one. But first, choose the best hotel for you to stay and relax after a long flight.

1. Hotel Pellegrino

This hotel allows you and your life partner to taste the local Italian foods while enjoying the valuable facilities provided by the hotel. The rooms in this hotel are located among the greenery and flowers of the Amalfi Coast. Each room is equipped with a terrace that has a sea view.

The foods, breakfast and dinner, are served in the hotel kitchen’s panoramic terrace. You will get some wonderful facilities such as a private garage, free WiFi, and air conditioning. The Rispoli family also provides diligent management.

The management allows you to move to the nearby Positano town or to the closest one easily. All facilities are provided to make your honeymoon more memorable and enjoyable.

2. Hotel Margherita

Hotel Margherita is offering a luxurious honeymoon for couples. This hotel has a cozy environment that is combined with the welcoming employees who are always happy to help the guests get whatever they need. The hotel is completed with a stunning terrace where you can get a panoramic view.

It also has a restaurant and a swimming pool. Hotel margherita is a beautiful place where culture, art, and history have enchanted many travelers for years. There are only 28 rooms available so you better book a room now before the other couples take them all.

3. Albergo L’Antico Convitto

Among so many best places to stay in Amalfi Coast for honeymoon, this hotel is the one that will make sure you are happy to stay in one of its rooms. The hotel will keep you happy by offering warm reception, unique experience, and a historic building that is located in the center of the Amalfi.

Albergo L’Antico Convitto is located in a pedestrian location that is so peaceful. It is close to the city’s key attractions. The hotel’s central position makes it convenient since you don’t have to use any public transport to go to the town. A short walk will take you to the best destinations.

Albergo L’Antico Convitto is located 35 minutes away from the airport. There are only 10 rooms available, get the most romantic one for your honeymoon trip.

3. Albadamare Boutique Hotel

Albadamare Boutique Hotel is located in Praiano, an area between the Amalfi and the Positano towns. This place is blessed with charm and beauty. Albadamare is a boutique hotel that looks elegant in the middle of Praiano. There, you can wake up to see the breathtaking sea views.

Only 10 rooms are available at Albadamare. This is a relaxing and intimate place for couples who want to go away from the crows of Amalfi Coast. Design, comfort, and elegance blend in and are going to soothe your senses so you can feel at peace, relaxes, and calm.

4. Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is surrounded by a jaw dropping garden that was awarded as one of the most beautiful private parks you can find in Italy. The villa has the Barbarossa mountain as its background. Every summer, visitors come to this villa in order to follow the local cultural events.

If you want a more romantic and private honeymoon, choose another time to visit the Amalfi Coast and stay in this one of the best places to stay in Amalfi Coast for honeymoon.