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What is the Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon?

French Polynesia is an archipelago consisting of over 100 small islands in South Pacific. The green look and pristine nature attract many couples to spend time there. That’s why they like to know the best island in French Polynesia for honeymoon as there are a lot of options available. 

Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon

French Polynesia is such a dreamy honeymoon destination as it’s encircled by mountains, huge blue lagoons with coral stretch, and beautiful white sands. Even the colors of the lagoons change over time as the cloud pass by. Couples can totally relax as they choose this archipelago for a newlywed getaway. 

6 Choices of Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon

French Polynesia comprises over a hundred small islands and many of them offer idyllic natural views. Many couples choose some small islands in this archipelago due to their tranquility so they can spend intimate moments together. Here are some islands that serve as the best destination for honeymoon. 

1. Bora Bora

Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon

Enjoy romantic retreats in Bora Bora Island for your honeymoon journey. As the pearl of the South Pacific, you not only will be amazed by the breathtaking natural scenery but also serenity for a couple's getaway. Even just strolling around with spouse on its pink sand beaches can be so memorable.  

Here, you can stay in upscale resorts with honeymoon amenities and romantic touches for maximum comfort. There are also many interesting activities that couples can try to strengthen their romantic bond when they stay here. Don’t forget the romantic dinner at the beachfront while admiring the sunset. 

2. Taha’a

Next to Bora-Bora, there is a remote, secluded islet called Taha’a. Most people state that Taha’a has the most luxurious resort in French Polynesia. It has fresher air than other bigger islands. You can discover a small sandbank on the mainland, surrounded by a reef which is often used for a romantic dinner. 

Taha’a is widely renowned for its overwater bungalows which are amazingly unique and comfortable. You can have a different experience by having a canoe breakfast with your spouse. Connected with a wooden path, walking around to enjoy the beautiful ocean view and fresh breezes is even very laidback. 

3. Huahine-Iti

Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon huahine

As one of the idyllic islands in French Polynesia, Huahine-Iti offers couples with romantic honeymoon experience with an authentic serene ambiance of Polynesian. Least crowded by tourists, this island is the best destination if you want to have a more private and peaceful moment for two. 

You can visit the famous beautiful beaches in Huahine-Iti, Avea Beach, and Ara’ara Beach. Surrounded by coconut palm lines, these beaches serve as a perfect backdrop for taking pictures. There are many fun beach activities to try as well such as scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, or watching canoe races. 

4. Tahiti

Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon tahiti

Tahiti is another best island in French Polynesia for honeymoon. Many people like to choose Tahiti as a honeymoon destination because there are no other places that are more exotic than this. It is located in a remote area so couples can comfortably develop intimacy when spending time together here.

Besides, Tahiti offers exclusiveness with the presence of overwater bungalows with high-level services. That’s why newlyweds can experience a luxurious stay on this island. A combination of beautiful land and lagoons are interesting to explore by couples through various fun activities such as hiking and scenic road trip.

5. Moorea

Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon moorea

If you ever see the island with a heart shape in French Polynesia when seen from above, it is none other than Moorea. It is a stunning small island that provides honeymooners with various kinds of accommodations and activities to make their visit to this island unforgettable for two. 

Besides admiring the magical view of the island, you can experience authentic Tahitian culture from the friendly locals. Exploring the tropical nature on foot or swimming with stingrays can give you a different honeymoon experience. Don’t forget to visit the local juice factory and enjoy the tasting session. 

6. Rangiora

Best Island in French Polynesia for Honeymoon rangiora

Considered as one of the biggest atolls in French Polynesia, Rangiora also becomes one of the best honeymoon destinations. It has several stunning secluded beaches to explore by couples. Most importantly, it has top scuba diving spots that are already known worldwide. 

Each of those islands becomes the best island in French Polynesia for honeymoon. Not only because it offers with jaw-dropping natural view and serene ambiance but also high-level accommodations.