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Top 7 African Safari Honeymoon Spots 2023

HoneymoondestinationsHoneymoon is always identical with tranquil and romantic ambiance. It is good idea to try wildlife themed honeymoon trip to make it more special. You should try to have African safari honeymoon to find adventure and cherish romantic moments together. 

People who love nature would will enthusiastically go on vacation in Africa. The amazing wildlife and nature are the essential icon of African safari. The newlyweds can explore those wonderful nature and observe various animals freely. There are more attraction awaits you other than wildlife and nature. 

Must Visit Destinations in African Safari Honeymoon

You might wonder what kinds of destinations in African that are suitable for honeymoon. Apparently, there are many well-known locations that couples or newlyweds choose to spend quality time peacefully. 

1. Tanzania 

African Safari Honeymoon

Some tourists from around the world are already familiar with Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. People regard this exotic place as spice island. The beautiful beaches and classy hotels around Zanzibar Island are the reasons why travelers who explore Tanzania like to spend most of their time in this island. 

While you come to Tanzania, you must explore Serengeti National Park where you can observe the wildlife easily. The historic Stone Town should exist in your bucket list as well. It shows the history of trade center in Africa with combination of Islamic and Swahili heritages. 

2. Kenya

African Safari Honeymoon

This region has well known icons that you cannot skip during your African safari honeymoon. Those icons are Lamu Island and Masai Mara National Reserve. The Great Migration of wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra that cross the river where the crocodiles lie to devour them is a challenging view. 

From the adrenaline pumping tour in Masai Mara National Reserve, you can relax in charming Lamu island. In this island, you must visit Lamu Town as Kenya’s oldest Swahili Town. At the eastern of island, a tranquil beach with white desert is the best spot to relax.

3. South Africa

African Safari Honeymoon

Among all national reserves in Africa continent, the Kruger National Park is the largest one. The Kruger Park is prominent asset that lure nature lovers to visit South Africa. The wild animals that you might frequently find here are leopard, rhino, elephant, lion and cape buffalo.

After watching wildlife in Kruger Park, you can chill to your heart content in Hermanus beaches. While you relax on the beach, you might spot some whales in a close distance. But this chance is high if you visit this place between July and November when the whales come here to reproduce. 

4. Seychelles

African Safari Honeymoon

Apparently, you still find romantic atmosphere in African safari honeymoon when you come to Seychelles. Seychelles is the treasure of African Indian Ocean. The soft sand and granite boulder beaches is gorgeous scenery. Private beach resorts in this country are perfect for honeymoon. 

5. Bostwana

African Safari Honeymoon

For some people, lodges in Bostwana are relatively expensive. But it is worth the great facilities to make you feel comfort when you stay there. Okavango Delta belongs to UNESCO World Heritage that you must visit during your honeymoon trip. 

This river delta with high grasses is a natural habitat of leopards, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, and other wild animals. In addition, you can have fun by riding the traditional canoe or motorized boat to have water-based safari. 

6. Congo 

African Safari Honeymoon congo

The safari honeymoon in Africa will become more challenging if you include Congo in your list. This country offers magnificent scenery of mountain gorillas and wildlife in Virunga National Park. In this park, you will behold chimpanzees. To see largest lava pool, you may climb the Nyiragongo Volcano. 

7. Zambia

African Safari Honeymoon zambia

We all know that Africa is paradise of wild animals. Zambia is one of countries in Africa with most visited national reserve. The South Luangwa National Park is the popular destination to spot wild animals like buffalo, leopard, lion, elephant and other animals. 

Not only the wild animals, but also the lovely scenery of Luangwa River in late afternoon will get you excited. Make sure you don’t miss The Valley, a terrain with miombo woodland, grassland savannah, acacia shrub, riverine forest and mopane woodland. This spot represents a natural beauty of Africa.

Exploring natural reserves in Africa will pump your adrenaline. This African safari honeymoon will become extraordinary adventure in your life. However, you have to take a specialist guide to accompany you along the trip in Africa for the sake of your safety.