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5 Destinations to Visit During Your Patagonia Honeymoon

Patagonia honeymoon - We have been staying at home for more than a year now. Why don’t you try killing time by preparing a Patagonia honeymoon to welcome the end of the pandemic? Honeymoon is going to refresh your mood and renew your life after seeing walls for a year or so. But, why Patagonia?

Patagonia is where you will discover natural beauty that is timeless. You will be surrounded by nature. There will be glaciers waiting for you to explore on your kayak. If you are lucky enough, you may see some penguins and whales during the honeymoon. Ready to plan your trip to Patagonia?

How to Get to Patagonia And When to Go

The South American airline offers direct flights to Santiago that take only an overnight. Many US airlines also offer direct flights, including Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, as well as New York City. The flight may be long, between 8 and 10 hours, but you’re going to enjoy the trip.

If you are not from the US, you may have to take a flight to the US first. Then get another flight from the airports mentioned previously to get to Patagonia. What about the best time to visit Patagonia with your beloved couple? The best weather to visit Patagonia is during summer.

Plan your honeymoon to Patagonia between November and March. The temperature depends on the region you visit. But the expected temperatures are between 70s and 50s.

Patagonia Honeymoon Destinations for Various Couples

No matter what you want during the honeymoon, Patagonia has the best destinations. Every couple has their own goal when planning a honeymoon trip. What’s yours? Each goal needs different destinations. Below are some destinations in Patagonia for different goals.

1. For the ones who want to explore the earth’s ends

The end of the earth is located in Ushuaia. It is a destination that’s located on the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego which is at Argentina’s southernmost point. If you and your loved one want to see the end of the world together, you’ll love Ushuaia and the trip to get there.

While in Patagonia, you should not miss the unusual cruise that leads you to Cape Horn. Cape Horn is an untamed wilderness, only a few thousand people visit that place every year. The honeymoon cruise is going to depart everyday from Ushuaia to the land somewhere on the Cape Horn.

2. For those who want a winter honeymoon

Though the best time for a Patagonia honeymoon is summer, some of you prefer a winter honeymoon. Then you’ll love visiting Cerro Castor. It offers another unusual honeymoon option for special couples. Its location is 26 km or 16 miles away from Ushuaia.

To go to Ushuaia, you need to take a flight from Buenos Aires then take another flight from El Calafate that arrives daily to your destination. The cruise ships usually dock at Ushuaia once they depart from Puerto Arenas.

3. For couples who want luxury and adventure

In the Santa Cruz province, there is a hiking capital named El Chaltén. It is a beautiful destination for those who want to plan a honeymoon trip. El Chaltén is a small mountain town that is thriving at once. It is actually located in the Los Glaciares National Park.

Monte Fitz Roy is another famous site you need to visit during your adventurous honeymoon. It is another famous park that’s located just behind the El Perito Moreno Glacier. Many people love visiting this site.

4. For the winter sports lovers

Sports lovers must also plan their Patagonia honeymoon, especially during the winter months in the southern hemisphere. Cerro Bayo has the most ideal ski resort destination for you. It is located near the Cerro Catedral resort that is extremely famous in Bariloche.

That makes Cerro Bayo the most ideal destination is the 22 pistes as well as the off piste terrain that is extensive, especially for the advanced skiers. Cerro Bayo is also a relatively unknown destination. You will find fewer crowds so you can enjoy your favorite sports with your favorite person.

5. For the ones who need relaxation

Chile is positioned on the Pacific Ring of Fire. It makes the country known for its incredible geothermal activity. The result is there are thermal springs you can find across Chile, including Patagonia. If you want to relax during your honeymoon, consider visiting Puyuhuapi.

It is an unassuming town that is located in Chilean Patagonia, especially on the Carretera Austral. You’ll find enchanted forests as well as thermal waters there. Visit those sites and you will get a magical and relaxing honeymoon in Patagonia. What to stay when visiting Puyuhuapi?

There are various luxury accomodations for the honeymooners so they can spend their time enjoying the spectacular views, relaxing in the hot springs of Puyuhuapi, and do the other relaxing things during their Patagonia honeymoon.