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5 Most Romantic Chile Honeymoon Destinations

Chile honeymoon - Newlyweds are not the only ones who can enjoy their honeymoon. Honeymoon is another way to strengthen your marriage, so make sure you plan your Chile honeymoon immediately. Among so may honeymoon destinations, why Chile? Because Chile has beauty both of you’ll love.

Chile has modern cities such as Santiago. This country that is located in South America also has active volcanoes, whale watching sites, and cascading waterfalls. Luxurious resorts and hotels can be the best place for you to stay and get closer to your one and only couple.

The Best Sites to Visit During Your Chile Honeymoon

You may never think about Chile when you’re planning a honeymoon. Chile is not as famous as Maldives but that doesn’t mean there are no romantic sites to visit. Luxurious stay, adventurous honeymoon, or a chilled honeymoon is possible in Chile. Here are the best places for honeymoon trips.

1. Atacama Desert

If deserts are your thing, Atacama Desert located in Chile will be the best destination for your upcoming honeymoon. In this place, you can see the active geyser, blue lagoons, as well as the incredible view of the mighty Andes. Desert is a brilliant honeymoon destination to visit.

What to do while visiting Atacama Desert? A trek through the valleys of the desert would be an awesome thing to do. Don’t miss the mesmerizing views you can enjoy with your partner. There is also a spa spot where you can relax in the hot spring or get a soothing massage.

End your day by grabbing a glass of wine while enjoying the rest of the day with your partner under the gorgeous sparkling stars. Visit the desert between September and November or in March or May.

2. Santiago

For couples who prefer spending their romantic honeymoon with a nightlife that’s vibrant, Santiago will be the best destination. Santiago is not just a live town, it also offers various adventurous activities such as fantastic road trips and skiing.

There are some beaches close to the city where you can spend your time with your loved one. Or experience some charming arts around Santiago City while shopping for some romantic goods for the anniversary. The city also has parks, historical places, and museums.

The best months to get to Santiago City are from late September until the end of November or between March and May every year.

3. Easter Island

The world has exciting and intriguing islands, one of them is the famous Easter Island. This island has a rich history, unique culture, and obviously a distant location. It is a perfect Chile honeymoon destination for couples who want to go away from the city vibes.

Even though it is far away from the city, Easter Island has many things to offer. Rafting is a great thing to do with your loved one. You can also hike to the Treveraka and try to reach its top. Or consider exploring the sea around the island.

While you visit Easter Island, it is important to see the Moais, the monolithic human statues located at the Rano Raraku National Park. Visit the island between August and May.

4. Valparaiso

Another name of this destination is the Jewel of the Pacific. If Chile has a gem, it will be Valparaiso. There, you’ll see colorful hills and their majestic view. Valparaiso becomes a romantic destination for honeymooners because of the brilliant restaurants, boutique hotels, and stunning beaches.

To get some romantic moments, both of you can explore the city streets and climb the endless staircases. There will be wonderful views you’ll get from various points. Visit the vineyards and port region. Taste the unique homemade wine for a more romantic Chile honeymoon moment.

If you are adding Valparaiso to your upcoming honeymoon, make sure to visit the place in November or March where the city is in its best weather.

5. Casablanca

This is a perfect destination for couples who want a relaxing and calm honeymoon. Casablanca is where you’ll find a romantic aura and vast vineyards, it is Chile’s best wine valley. It also has a famous beach close to the vineyard. If you want a romantic honeymoon, Casablanca should be on the list.

There’s also a hotel in Casablanca where you can get luxurious stay with perfect accomodation and adventurous activities. Rent a bike then ask your loved one to explore the beautiful vineyards and taste the local handmade wine. At the end of the day, get a cozy massage or relax in the sauna.

If this destination is going to be in your itinerary, make sure you plan a romantic trip to Casablanca somewhere in July or August when the weather is perfect and the vineyard is in its best view.

Many Other Romantic Destinations in Chile

There are many more Chile honeymoon destinations you need to explore. But for now, make your best plan to visit the entire destinations above during the upcoming honeymoon. Then you can start exploring the other gorgeous places in wonderful Chile.