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What You Need to Know before Honeymoon in St. Lucia

For years, St. Lucia of the Caribbean island nation remains as the most favorite destination for honeymoon. The splendid scenery of St. Lucia makes it the top destination along with a luxurious hotel, lively nightlife, thriving culture, and outdoor activities. St. Lucia has become the all-time favorite honeymoon destination for newlyweds all over the world. The island offers everything other from adventure to romantic activities which are hard to find in other places in the world. No wonder if there are lots of people fall in love with St. Lucia especially for a romantic gateway. However, before you plan for a honeymoon in St. Lucia, here are some key points to consider. 

honeymoon in St. Lucia

How to get there?

Located in the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The island has the most volcanoes among other islands in the region. Considering the nature of St. Lucia, there are only two main airports on the island which is located in the South and there is a smaller one in the Northern Castries area. The international flight will likely to come in the main airport in the South.

From the airport, there is not much resort or hotels nearby, so you need to go along the West Coast to the north area. The North Castries area is the most populated in St. Lucia where you can find the most vacation resorts. You will need around 1.5 hours from the main airports to the north area by road. Expect the winding and mountainous road if you decide to go by car. It is also important to prepare a medication to prevent motion sickness. You can also tell the driver to slow down and open the window to minimize motion sickness. If you are very sensitive to motion sickness, you can always choose a helicopter to go to the north area. It will take only 10 with a helicopter with a fantastic view you can ever imagine.

When to go?

When you are going for a honeymoon in St. Lucia, it is important to carefully consider the timing. The peak season in St. Lucia is usually around December to March when there are lots of visitors on the island. This is because the temperature on the island is nice during that time. You can come to the island during the summer because there are not many visitors due to high temperatures. However, during that time you will find cheaper hotel rates. Also, it is important to avoid visiting St. Lucia during unpredictable hurricane season which lasts from June to November. This rainy season may sound beautiful but it actually can get in the way of your honeymoon schedule.

The best time to come to St. Lucia is probably around April and June as the island is moderately crowded. But if you want to get the best swimming experience, you can visit around April to May when the average temperature is great.

What to do?

St. Lucia is the home for beautiful blue seawater, splendid landscape, unique tours, and festivals, as well as delicious food. Here are some general activities that you can try during the honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Explore the capital – the capital of St. Lucia, Castries is a beautiful town with lots of British and French colonies building. The lively city is worth a day of the tour where you can visit local crafts.

Do not forget beaches – St. Lucia is full of beautiful beaches, but due to the volcanic soil, the beaches are not as soft as on other Caribbean beaches. But still, you can find some beautiful beaches such as Reduit Beach and Sugar Beach which has calm water for water activities. If you want to go to open waters, make sure you try fishing at St. Lucia local waters.

Mountain hiking – Hiking trails can be easily found in St. Lucia. Some of them are shaded behind the rainforest canopy. If you are an experienced hiker, you can consider hiking one of the island twin’s volcanos. Some hiking trails can be unsafe after the rainstorm, but you can book a guided tour to help you get to the highest peak of St. Lucia. 

Sunset sail – For some romantic activity, sunset sail is something you cannot miss. The Caribbean waters have an amazing sunset. There are lots of private boats available for charter along with canapés and Champagne. You can also book half or full-day excursion which already included other activities such as snorkeling, loop to the island, and many more.

Making chocolate – even though you are not interested in cooking class, but make sure you do not miss making chocolate class. This class offers a unique experience that shows visitors how cacao is cultivated and process into chocolate.

Anything you need to know

St. Lucia spreads from the Caribbean Sea on the west and Atlantic Sea on the East. While there are limited resorts on the Atlantic side, but you can find some. The beach condition in these two areas is quite different. Most people prefer the Caribbean Sea for some tranquil seawater. If you want some beautiful beach shore, you can stay on the west shore of the island.

Different from other islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia has a friendly temperature. The general temperature at day is not super high and it does not get super cold during the night. That is why you will find that some hotels do not have air conditioners and there are lots of open-air restaurants. If this is a problem, you will need to carefully pick the hotels or resorts that provide a room with an air conditioner.

St. Lucia probable is one of few places that accept the US dollar. That is why you do not need lots of amount of local currency. If needed, some big resorts may put the taxi fare into your room bill. Even though you can use US dollars when traveling St. Lucia, but some people report that the price gets higher. If you think it is necessary to switch money, you can do it at the beginning of the trip to save some cash.