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Best Sites of Honeymoon In Japan Should Be On Your Next Trip

Undoubtedly, it may take lots of your time to decide the best sites for a honeymoon in Japan. If you plan to have a wedding soon, or you might want to have the next honeymoon after decades, then you need to consider a few things before choosing the best places to visit. Japan has lots of excitement through almost all cities there. It has charming exotic beaches, magnificent hot-spring onsens, and abundant of perfect ethnic wonders. Japan has unconditionally diverse honeymoon endpoints which have been explored by millions of people worldwide. Yet, they are not always crowded as there are always secret places that honeymooners want to explore. 


First things first, traveling to Japan needs better knowledge about this country than you might have never imagined. Important cities other than Tokyo include Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and many more. For sure, the first visit must be Tokyo, as you will arrive there at first. So, let’s check some spots for the best honeymoon in Tokyo, as well as other cities if you have more time to spend romantic days with your loved ones. 



Honeymoon in japan

Specifically, this is the most flawless honeymoon spot, which is rich in modern aspects that blend with strong traditions. Rare people want to visit crowded places during the honeymoon, so let’s start with serene, yet romantic places. Start with Temples of Asakusa. You can visit Asakusa in the north-east of the capital city. Asakusa is the main spot of an area called Shitamachi. In western countries, such a place is called the center of the city of downtown. Yet, it is not too crowded, while it exposes such a high sense of Japanese cultural ambiance. It shows off the higher level beauty of Japan than the other parts of Tokyo. Makes sure you visit Sensoji Temple, the ancient Buddhist temple where there were lots of historical moments that took place here during World War II. It was built by three anonymous men, who can be memorized through the Asakusa Jinja—a Shinto shrine—as it is attributed to them. The best thing about this place is the discreet garden within the Temple, in which it has been designed perfectly with the strong Japanese look and feel.



honeymoon in japan

Kyoto relates to its astounding choices of gardens. 

The city is evenhandedly good-looking and modestly loving during the spring. The gardens and parks throughout the city are popular with their celebrated, fully-bloomed cherry blossoms. Their showings are represented through parties and festivals. Lots of events that take place during the spring include exhibitions of Bonsai trees, arrangements of Ikebana flowers, and many more. The blooming Sakuras are what honeymooners run after, while they can sit under the tree, by taking healthy, iconic Japanese fish and rice. 


Kyoto is also rich in temples. There are about a thousand and five hundred temples that need to be explored. For sure, nobody has time to do it. Yet, there are certain temples that you should visit. Kyoto itself was used to be the capital of Japan. There, the emperor ruled in the 17th century. This is why, the city still shows a solid oriental look, while the total design of the city was charming with lots of gardens. Many people call Kyoto as Eastern Paradise.


Chionin Temple is only a few from thousands of temples. But, it is definitely worth your visit. It is popular for its giant gate with an immensely huge bell. Or, you may want to visit the painted gold Kinkakuji Temple. Another worth visiting temple is Sanjusangendo. Believe it or not, it boasts as the longest wooden temple in the country. It houses the magnificently popular 1001 goddesses of Buddhist named Kannon. They stand in rows so you can walk through the aisle while those goddesses are watching you gracefully. 


Well, if there are some places nearby Kyoto which provides spa hotels with onsens. They are designed for honeymoon couples, so they are perfectly tranquil and romantic



honeymoon in japan

After spending some romantic moments in peaceful places like temples in Kyoto, then Osaka should be your next destination. As the second biggest city in this country, Osaka is rich in excellent spots for tourists. Even natives love to visit this city for spending weekends. Your best visit here is a series of culinary sites. Osaka is always popular is the country’s food paradise. Satisfy your belly with excellent choices of Japanese foods that you won’t find in your country!  

Many tourists find  Matsusakagyu Yakiniku as the reason why they should visit Osaka. It is proud of its Matsusaka Beef, with the juicy roasted beef that will melt in your mouth. Services are perfect, while the ambiance represents the strong Japanese ambiance that will make you want to visit this place again and again. 

For the sake of local cuisine, then prioritize your visit to Okonomiyaki Chitose. All cuisines are served with the freshest ingredients at the spot. All chefs can speak English, so nobody finds difficulties in communicating here. This place is also perfect for vegetarians.


honeymoon in japan

If onsen and spa resorts are your main aim for your honeymoon in Japan, then Hokkaido is the most recommended city for you. All hotels own pools with suits that are equipped with baths for romantic moments with your loved one. 

The best place to visit is the Tobira Onsen Myojinkan. Located near Matsumoto, it is popular for its forest views that visitors can enjoy through every room’s windows. For sure, it has exotic Japanese décor while every guest can enjoy the classy kaiseki dining.


As the climate is very good, a honeymoon in Japan is nothing but a blessing. The four-seasoned country has more to explore than just temples, onsens, and arrays of restaurants. The best time to visit this country is during the spring or autumn, or can be both. It is important to notice that there is no activity during the end of the year to the first day of January, as everyone welcomes the New Year sacredly.