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Simple Honeymoon Ideas on a Budget

Simple Honeymoon Ideas on a Budget - When all of the hard work that you need to do for the wedding is finally over, it is time for honeymoon. Some of you might not want to do hard planning once again for the honeymoon which makes you repeat the stress you had before. In that case, try to use simple honeymoon ideas which will give you memorable vacation and do not need hard planning and also affordable. Here are some of the ideas that you might want to try and do.

7 Affordable and Simple Honeymoon Ideas

1. Staycation

Affordable and Simple Honeymoon Ideas-staycation

You might not know but actually you can stay at home for your honeymoon. In fact before the 19th century, honeymoon is done by staying at home for a month so couples can know one another physically. Think how relaxing it would be when you can escape from hectic world outside and just enjoy the time together with your partner.

2. Island getaway


The idea of going to beautiful island for a honeymoon is so you can enjoy the new environment. For example beaches, forest and various other things which the island have to over and cannot be found at home. Thus you do not need to stay at luxurious hotel with five stay which makes your bank go broke. Instead go to the best island to enjoy the view then stay in a small hotel or even your car.

3. Boat charter


You do not need to go cruising for a week which can cost you thousands of dollars. Instead charter your own boat then enjoy the week in private without the need to spend thousands of dollars.

4. Road trip


Now if you are looking for honeymoon in California on a budget, then consider to go all around the state by yourself. Go rent a car, then visit all famous landmark, park, cafés, museum and all places that you always want to visit. You will realize how fun it is to spend your private time on the road just talking and enjoying the view rather than stuck on a plane for hours.

5. Volunteering


Honeymoon does not mean you only need to relax, sometimes it is a good time for you to achieve a goal that you always want to do but do not really have the time for it. Try to volunteering together with your partner to do something that you both passionate about. See your relationship grow with something you both interested in.

6. Camping


If you only want to spend time together in private without any disturbance, then you do not need to rent expensive private bungalow to do it. Just go camping with your partner to the mountain or near the beach. There you can spend your honeymoon in private.

7. Luxurious pampering


If you really want to get pampered during your honeymoon, then try to book a resort in your city. That way you can cut off the traveling and plane expense then use it to get luxurious treatment instead.

Those are several simple honeymoon ideas that you can do without the need to spend extra money for it.