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Romantic Honeymoon Ideas with Fun Activities To Do

Having romantic honeymoon ideas is a must to fully complete your wedding experience to the max. Of course, that also means you need to find the best ideas that you do so you can spend your romantic holiday together with your partner doing fun stuff. Do not worry since there are plenty of things that you can do for a romantic getaway that you would never forget.

8 Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities 

1. Go to the lush wilderness for wild romance
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities

For those that love wildlife, then you can actually find romance in wildness. There are plenty of exotic resorts that lie on secluded forest which can become the perfect background for your romantic moment. Have your dinner in the open wildness with candle light which will make the moment become thrilling and romantic. Go to Lion Sands Reserve located in Africa, Abu Camp located in Botswana or Aman-i-Khas located in India.

2. Go to heart shape island

If you want something unusual, then you can try to book your stay in one of the most romantic heart shape island. The island is filled with amazing amenities that will give you not only absolute comfort but also privacy. Go to Tavarua Island located in Fiji or Makepeace Island located in Australia

3. Go for private camping
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities

For those who are on tight budget then you might want to use honeymoon ideas in US by going for a private camping. You do not need to book expensive resort but just go to a national park, dessert or even the beach where you can camp in private.

4. Go for a winter honeymoon
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities

Another romantic atmosphere that you can experience is the winter honeymoon where you can see roads, houses, trees, and everything else is covered by white snow. This surreal view can be a nice background for your romantic walk to the town. And it would be better if you can go to see the northern light as the finale.

5. Take a cruise
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities

If you want to experience luxury while visiting various romantic places, then you might want to take a cruise. There are plenty of honeymoon cruise that has romantic destination on their route for example European cruise or Asian cruise.

6. Go for a drive
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities

Driving while you visiting other country is also a romantic idea that you can do. See the stunning coastline while visiting remarkable landmarks along the way together with your partner will be an experience you would never forget.

7. Experience white beaches
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Activities

Of course everyone dreamed about white beaches when they go for a honeymoon so you can still do this idea. Go have a walk in the beaches on the sunset then having a romantic dinner afterwards.

8. Stay at European castle

The most luxurious honeymoon that you can ever think of is by staying at a castle in Europe. Experience what it feels to be a royalty with extravagant amenities and comfort.

Those are several romantic honeymoon ideas that you can do to have the best holiday experience with your partner with various activities to choose from.