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Best Places to Go for Caribbean Honeymoon

Caribbean is the best destination for those who want to enjoy beautiful sunlight, white sanded beaches and everything else. Furthermore there are best Caribbean honeymoon spot that you should visit, during your trip so it will become memorable. Here are the best spot which you can visit during your trip.

10 Caribbean Honeymoon Best Spot

1. Anguilla

For those who want to relax during your holiday, then you might want to visit this island as the beaches are not as crowded as other beaches. Furthermore there are various places that served great foods for you to enjoy such as bistros and even restaurant located on the sea side.

2. Antigua

If you love to sunbathe on the beach, then this place is the one to go. The beaches are beautiful and secluded so you can calmly canoeing to explore the water. You will also find romantic atmosphere throughout the region which you can enjoy while feasting on West Indian authentic cuisine. Stay in Coco’s Antigua to get best Caribbean honeymoon all inclusive packages from the property.

3. Jamaica

Reggae lover will want to visit the homeland that also very suitable for honeymoon in more laidback and relaxing feeling. Go around the countryside to learn about the culture.

4. Aruba

Now if you want something exiting to do then Aruba is the one for you. The nightlife on this area is pretty lit it look like a party. You can also find various activities such as surfing, scuba diving and many others.

5. Cayman Islands

There are three islands on Cayman that you can visit which all surrounded by beautiful water region. The area has clear water so you can dive into the spot to see the natural wildlife.

6. Barbados

This area is still maintaining their British flavor which makes it suitable for those who want to indulge in tropical England experience. Go have your afternoon tea by the beach or watch some polo match while having your picnic.

7. Curaçao 

For more cosmopolitan experience, then this area is the best since you can find various cultures here. You can find beautiful architecture all around as well as arts to enjoy. Do not forget that you can still enjoy nice beaches even though the amenities are not as developed as other island.

8. Dominica

This area has different atmosphere since it is still filled with rainforest up to sixty percent of the land. Furthermore there are a lot of rivers to explore so you can go to one each day. It really is the destination for those who are concern more about eco tourism.

9. Dominican Republic

You can feel the thick Spanish culture in this area which also very beautiful and filled with adventure. You can go for a hike then do windsurfing or explore the sea to search for humpback whales.

10. Grenada

If you love food with spices, then this island is the center of them all. Try to taste local dish which filled with the locally ground spices. Do not forget to explore the rainforest to see the local wildlife.
Those are the island that you need to visit when you want to have the best Caribbean honeymoon that you will never forget.