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The Best Honeymoon Resorts for Relaxing

Once the big day is over, now it is time for you to go to the best honeymoon resorts to complete the wedding. Now you can relax, and then enjoy time alone with your partner in romantic environment. From a lot of resort in the world, there are some of the best which can fulfill your dream honeymoon, here are some of them.

8 Best Honeymoon Resorts in the World

1. Azur Lodge

This lodge is located in New Zealand, one of the best honeymoon destinations. This beautiful lodge is builds in a hilltop so you can see the best scenery in the area. It is surrounded by lust trees with panoramic vistas which also very stunning in Lake Wakatipu. It is the best place for those who want to relax in privacy.

2. Brentwood Bay Resort


Canada Select has given the highest rating to this resort which is the five stars. One of the reasons is because it is built on a fjord in Canada which makes it pristine location. Furthermore, it is also close to Victoria so you can explore the city while staying in the resort.

3. Little Palm Island


You do not need to go abroad when you want to feel the best vacation since there are best honeymoon resorts in USA that you can go to. This resort is located in the key coastline of Florida on a private island where a lot of celebrity and high profile travelers go.

4. Emaho Sekawa Resort


For those who want to find ultimate privacy, then you might want to this resort which located in Fiji. Here you will experience what it feels to wake up to the waves sound with birds whistling on the background while surrounded by rain forest.

5. Hacienda AltaGracia


For you who want to go to Costa Rica then you might want to stay in this resort located in the southern region. You can stay in one of their 50 suites or casitas and being pampered by the best spas in America.

6. Jade Mountain Resort


If you want to see the best view of Piton, then try to stay in this resort located in St. Lucia since it is overlooking the site. Furthermore, you will see Caribbean Sea which makes everything more beautiful.

7. Ka'ana Boutique


The best thing about this resort is because it is located in Cayo which is a touring attraction where you can find various activities during your honeymoon. Of course, the luxury that this resort provides will give you the best experience.

8. Kandolhu Island


Maldives is the dream location for honeymooners, so try to go to this resort. It is located in the perfect island that has white beaches and breathtaking green ocean. Of course, the best thing is you can explore the reef which actually the best in this island.

Those are several best honeymoon resorts that you can consider to go as they are located in the best honeymoon destination. The resorts also have the best amenities so you can feel relax and being pampered the way you always want to get on honeymoon.