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Best Honeymoon Places around the World

Now that you are official, then it is time to go for a trip together. Surely you want to go to the best honeymoon places where you can relax and enjoy the views at the same time. There are always best places for every couple that wants some adventure, tasty cuisine, or pretty beaches. Here are some of the destinations that you can consider to go since they might suit your taste.

9 Best Honeymoon Places in the World

1. Greek

Everyone always been fascinated by the Greek history as it is very rich. Do not forget aside from the mesmerizing beauty, the islands also offer exceptional food for you to enjoy. Spend your days in Athens to fully immerge in the culture then relax in the beautiful architecture hotels at night.

2. Patagonia

For those who want to view the most spectacular wildlife in this world, then try to consider going to Patagonia. It has the best conservation project where you can see the lush forest, wildlife, Snowy Mountain, and many other stunning views.

3. Ireland

For those who loves European roman, then try to go to Ireland where you can stay in converted stone castle and feel like royalty. Do not forget to watch the beautiful theater or go to the Belfast club for more modern jam.

4. Sweden

This country is like a hidden gem for honeymooners as it has varied topography, colorful buildings, and perfect weather. Go to Stockholm to learn about the local history to spend your holidays on various art galleries, cafes and boutiques.

5. Big Sur

This place is very suitable for those who want to have honeymoon in California on a budget. It has natural beauty and also the perfect climate so you can explore everywhere without worry. Go to Montecito to explore the beaches or to Santa Barbara to the courthouse.

6. Mozambique

If you want to find a hidden treasure in Africa, then this is the place you need to be. Go to Ibo Island for great activity such as fishing, kayaking, and diving. Then go around the area for a safari.

7. Comporta

This coastal town is the home of many famous people, and that is not without reason. The stunning view of rice pads along the coast really makes everyone wowing when seeing them. Do not forget to walk around the beaches during the day and sip the vintage champagnes to end the night.

8. Maldives

Feel what it is like to be surrounded by ocean and to be able to dip right into the water from the front of your overwater bungalow. You can spend your honeymoon in privacy as well as seeing beautiful sea creature around the sea.

9. Thailand

For those with a tight budget to spend, then try to go to this country as it is more affordable. However, you will still experience the rich Asian culture as well as beautiful beaches all around the country.

Those are several best honeymoon places that you can consider going as they have the perfect scenery and romantic atmosphere for you to enjoy.