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Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for Tight Budget Couple

After a fortune that you spend on the big day, sometimes you only left with tight budget for the honeymoon. If that is the case, then you will need to go to affordable honeymoon destinations. You do not need to spend over the budget, but still have a good time on your vacation. Here are some destinations where you can go and enjoy your holiday with all the best experience without getting broke over it.

8 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

1. Thailand

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - thailand

If you going to have your honeymoon between November until April then you might want to go to this cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia. Go to Phuket where you can enjoy the sunset while having dinner by the beach, or Koh Mook where you can experience the culture.

2. Carmel, California

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - camel - california

If you do not want to go abroad, then heads to Carmel located on central California. This coastal town has beautiful beach where you can stay to relax. Do not forget to go around tasting the best wine and state of the art cuisine.

3. Puerto Rico

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - puerto rico

Go to San Juan where you can experience the best beaches along the seaside fort in the old time. It is the perfect destination for honeymoon since it also features gorgeous rainforest around the city which makes it more memorable.

4. St. Maarteen

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - st. maarteen

For those who want to have Havana experience but do not want to actually go there, then this tropical island. The best thing is, here you can try scuba even though you do not have the license for it. Do not forget experience the wildlife by going on a hike to the Pic Paradis.

5. Cook Island

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - cook island

You can go to this island anytime of the year as this island has the best temperature. Furthermore you can go to Rarotonga as the island is filled with a lot of attractions such as cafes, museum, and shops. Of course, you can also go snorkeling to explore sunken shipwrecks, underground caves, and many others.

6. Jamaica

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - jamaica

Another honeymoon paradise that you need to visit is Negril in Jamaica. There are a lot of activities that you can do from exploring Mayfield fall or rafting through Negril River. Of course, relaxing on the café or by the beach is another option if you want calmer day.

7. Florida Key

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - florida key

If you do not have a lot of time to go far, then just go to Florida Key as you can still find the best beach here. Furthermore, this area is not crowded so you can spend your honeymoon in comfort.

8. Philippines

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - philippines

Another tropical paradise in Asia, which is filled with modern amenities, so you can enjoy it in comfort. It has the best atmosphere and various islands that you can visit, so you can have plenty of activities throughout your honeymoon.

Those are several affordable honeymoon destinations that you can consider to have the vacation there. Choose the destination which is more suitable for your honeymoon date since on some area you need to go during the high season for everything to be fully operated.