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5 Tips to Choose Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon actually is not actually principal thing to do after you have your wedding. However, if you have time to plan your honeymoon, you need to do it. It will become important moment in your marriage life. It can even become the event where you can find unforgettable things with your loved one. Now, if you want to plan it, the first thing you need to decide is where you will go. So, here are tips to choose perfect honeymoon destinations.

The Honeymoon Theme


Maybe it’s surprising for most of people, but deciding the theme for your honeymoon is also important in choosing the best honeymoon destination. There are many places in the world that will give you many different themes, which means different experiences as well. For example, you can visit Europe, if you want to see the medieval and historic site. Or, if you want to enjoy the tropical weather and beach, you can always choose Bali. So, discuss it with your loved one and decide, what kind of theme that both of you want for the honeymoon travel.

Set Your Budget


Honeymoon basically is like a vacation. There is budget you need to prepare for everything at your destination, such as hotel, accommodation and other fees. And, based on that budget, you will be able to choose the place where you will visit with your loved one. Just remember, it doesn’t necessary to visit the most popular honeymoon destinations, if you want to get best experience. Visiting the city next to place where you live can also give you best experience, if you know what you need to do with your loved one. The most important thing here is creating best memories with your loved one.

Trip Length

tip- honeymoon-destinations

You also need to decide how long you will go for honeymoon. You can take one big honeymoon journey, or split it into two. For example, you do the mini-moon for just few days after your wedding. Then, when you and your loved one have the right time, you can take the bigger one. That way, you can really choose the right place to visit according to the length of your travel.

The Season


Some of honeymoon destinations have different atmosphere and condition, on different season. For example, in tropical country, you will find it hard to enjoy, if you go there when there is rain season. The tropical country will constantly rain almost every day, which make you unable to enjoy the place.

You also need to consider the vacation season. For limited budget, visiting the place on off-season is always best choice. Although there are not much event on that season, but at least you will get the different atmosphere.



This is simple thing. But, it can affect your whole honeymoon. Just make sure that the honeymoon destinations have all amenities that you want. Therefore, you won’t have any problem, if you need something or want to do something that you’ve planned before at there. Plus, it will make you feel more comfortable.