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4 Top Honeymoon Destinations in US that You Can Visit

Are you planning to have unforgettable honeymoon with your loved one? Maybe, you’ve prepared a plan to go to tropical country or place far away from your living place. That would cost a lot. And, if you have limited budget, you don’t need to do that. There are many great places that you can choose as one of your honeymoon destinations in us. So, where are those places?

Adairsville, Georgia


This place has the historical atmosphere. Therefore, you will feel the US feeling here. More than that, it’s located in the Southern area. Therefore, you can expect some of delicious Southern cuisine here. Adairsville is home of many great and beautiful place. But, for your honeymoon, you can try to book Arbor Cottage at Barnsley Resort. This is the best place with best accommodation. And of course, you can have romantic event here with your loved one. Other than that, there are also many great activities to do, such as hiking, spa, visiting beautiful gardens, clay shooting and many more.



As the most cultural cities in the Midwest, Minneapolis will give you great experience for your honeymoon. There are many romantic activities you can do here. All of them are simple activities to do. For example, you can exploring the city by bike with your loved one, and see many beautiful spot. Some of them are great place that you won’t find in other city, such as Foshay Tower, gallery, and many other. If you want to chill out with your loved one, there are many bars you can visit in this city.

Stock Island, Florida


It was known as a shrimp boatyard and fisherman haven. However, today, it has changed into one of the most artistic vacation destination you can choose. There are many new hotels, which will become the best place to stay in this city. But, the most important thing is the food. It keeps the old delicacy that is made of fresh ingredient for all seafood menus in its restaurant. More than that, now you also can find many beautiful and artistic spot that will become the best place to create romantic memories with your loved one. So, you can choose it as one of your honeymoon destinations.

Nantucket, Massachusetts


We can call this place as the land of National Historic Landmark. There are many historical and important building here. However, do not think that your honeymoon will be boring, if you choose Nantucket. This place is actually the best place to spend your time with your loved one. The place is peaceful. You also can find many quiet beaches, and they are all still pretty much natural. The accommodation is also easy to get, especially on fall, winter or spring. On summer, you can enjoy many festival and events here.

Those are 4 best honeymoon destinations in us you can try. Before you choose and visiting those places, make sure you plan everything, from budget and what you want to do at there. Of course, discuss it with your loved one, so both of you will get the best place for your honeymoon.