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4 Cheap Honeymoon Destinations that Won’t Lose to Those Premium Places

Honeymoon basically is similar to vacation. You must plan everything, in order to keep the problem away, and experiences the best visit in the destination that you and your loved one picked. Of course, the budget is also important here. So, you also need to choose the destination that match with your budget. If you have limited budget, you don’t need to worry. We have several cheap honeymoon destinations that will give you unforgettable moment, like those expensive places.



Thailand has beautiful places, culinary and interesting culture that you can enjoy. Some of place also holds festival, where you can really have fun with your loved one. The best time to go to this country is November to April. You can escape from the cold of winter and have the warm weather in Thailand. Phuket is the best place you can choose in Thailand. The beach is really beautiful. The culinary is delicious. And, you can even try to do Thai wedding ceremony with the help from monks. Your budget mostly will goes to the travel fare from your country to Thailand. But, for staying place, accommodation, event, food and other, you will get the cheapest price.



Bali isn’t only one of the most beautiful vacation destinations that you can choose. But, this is also one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations. Just imagine, you can even live here for a weeks, with just $200. With that amount of budget, you will get nice staying place and accommodation for two people. So, it’s perfect for you and your loved one.

But, the best about Bali is the vacation spots here. There are thousands of them. Beaches are the main destination. You can even 60 surfing spots, if you plan to add some adrenaline rush activity in your honeymoon. However, there are also many other things you can enjoy here, from the ancient temple, culinary to the special event on specific time.

Carmel, California


Carmel is coastal town location in California. It is close to beaches, so you can enjoy it with your loved one. You also can find many comfortable places to stay with delicious food ready to taste. Compared to other destination in other countries, this place maybe little bit expensive. But, because it’s within the country, you will get cheaper flights.

Puerto Rico


If you are looking for totally different nuance for your honeymoon, you can choose Puerto Rico. Beautiful rainforest, historical city and building, magnificent museum and delicious culinary with nice atmosphere restaurant can all be found here. Moreover, the price for enjoying all of those great spots is much cheaper than what you can find within the country. However, if you want to get something more special, you can spend little bit more to go to Isla de Culebra. You will get best experience with your loved one here. This place is like hidden paradise for couple.

Now, you don’t need to worry about the budget. By choosing one of those cheap honeymoon destinations, you will get best journey with your loved one. So, go and make great memories!